Marvelous Monday

Published January 22, 2014 by Krystal Minx

Sunday night I snuggled warmly in bed between my two honeys… my safe place… my “happy place” for sure. As I opened my eyes Monday morning I see Tyla’s side of the bed is empty. I want to reach out and touch her smooth curves, but I know she only went to the kitchen to feed the cats… she will be back.

Feeling so cozy, I reach over to Jay, he is more asleep than awake. His scent is like a drug to me, so I nuzzle my face into his shoulder and take a slow deep breath. I can’t contain the sigh of delight that escapes my lips. Wanting more of him, I run my fingers down his abdomen arriving at his hot heap of heaven. Just feeling him under my fingertips I feel my temperature rise and my body begin to squirm. As he begins to rustle, I’m already sensing he’s well on his way to “full attention”. I wrap my hand around him and begin stroking with a firmer grip and more quickly. He rolls toward me, caresses my naked breasts for a moment before sliding his fingers between my pussy lips… I am already moist, yearning for his luscious cock to be deep inside me. Wasting no time at all, he finishes his body roll, situating himself squarely on top of me. So wonderfully hard, he easily slides inside my hot pocket. I buck back, complimenting his every thrust. Our connection is so pure, so deep, having him deep within me is like no other feeling for me.

Our moans stayed soft and low, as we heard Tyla’s footsteps approaching the bedroom. I moaned louder, so she knew what she would be opening the door to reveal. As she entered, her face lit up and she quickly undressed and climbed into bed next to me. I love being able to touch her as Jay fucks me. Touching her soft tits, and smooth thighs turns up the heat and I get hornier. Passion takes hold, and I grab the back of her head so I can kiss her deep, all the while our man is thrusting inside me. The added sensations drive me wild, and can put Jay over the edge in short order. Moments later, he is plunging deeply and filling my sweet pussy with his creamy cum. Tyla and I giggle, and say “That get’s him, every time!” A very satisfied smile takes over his face, as he collapses next to me.

While Jay takes several minutes to recover, I roll towards Tyla and suckle her nipples, as I slide my hand between her legs and begin to massage her clit. She is so very wet from all that just happened, and very horny to boot. Tyla can reach orgasm so quickly I continue to be in awe. I have never known anyone to cum so quickly. It’s like I barely get started with her, and she is already cumming. In the time it takes me to reach ONE orgasm, she can come at least 15-20 times. I can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous. As I roll my tongue over her nipples in delight, she cums over and over again. Her shrieks of pleasure are intoxicating… I love rubbing her clit, switching to my fingers inside her, continually changing from one to the other, bringing her to orgasm again and again. Out of breath, it’s her turn to take a couple minutes to recover.

I love pleasing my honeys so much… nothing makes me feel more fantastic! After some snuggling and resting her head on my breast, Tyla got up to pee and take care of some laundry. Still feeling rather sensual, I rolled back to Jay to cuddle up to him and rest my hand on his soft spent cock. In no time at all, he responds to my touch once again, and becomes hard beneath the grip of my hand. As I kiss him slowly and passionately, his dick gets its hardest and he moans with delight. As his moans become more intense, I pick up the pace and move my head to his chest. Now I have the most amazing view of him getting closer and closer to exploding. The closer he gets, the more excited I become and my horny-ness takes over, moving my face to close range… when he reaches the point of no return, my lips automatically seal around his head. I stroke faster, he can hold it no longer, and those luscious creamy streams of cum fill my mouth, coating my tongue and teeth. Sure to swallow every drop, his ever favorite post-BJ smile engulfs my face… bringing a sweet smile of satisfaction to his.

I received 100% satisfaction by pleasuring my Loves a number of times in a very short time frame. I actually didn’t think about it until later, that I did not have an orgasm myself.

I receive so much joy from being a part of their ecstasy that I completely lose myself in their pleasure… it becomes my own ❤


3 comments on “Marvelous Monday

  • What a lovely way to wake up on a Monday morning! Thanks for sharing!!
    I agree that satisfying someone can be very rewarding, and enjoying oneself is often more important than coming. Though I must say it has to be reciprocal too, but I have no doubt that for you, it is 🙂


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