it’s been far too long

Published April 5, 2014 by Krystal Minx

It’s been over three months since my last post, and the longer I wait to get back to it, the harder it is to get started.

I want to write about my present AND my past, never really knowing where to begin. I’ve decided to write about which ever is hitting me at that moment.

For today, I will be posting a pic from just a few years back. As you know, I have two loves in my life. One night as we were headed out to our favorite club for some live music with drinks and dancing, I filled my tiny club purse with the usual items… lipstick, car and house keys, cell phone, driver’s license, credit card, cash… and one more item that caught my eye last minute (that I kept to myself, not knowing if I would use it or not).

We loved this bar (wish it was still there today). The local live bands were always loud and friendly. The bartenders chatted with us and knew us on a first name basis. After dancing ourselves into a sweaty passion to get home and jump into bed… we always came away with a night of wonderful fun and love filled memories.

On this particular night I got a bit extra playful and decided to make use of that extra item I had slipped into my purse. During some suggestive conversation and flirty dancing, I opened my purse to reveal a miniature set of colorful markers… all attached to a ring, for portability, including every color of the rainbow… and I proceeded to color a heart on my Tyla’s boob, drawing even more deserving attention to her ample cleavage. This not only elicited girlie giggles from her, but a mischievous grin from our hubby, as well. One boobie cleavage heart led to more hearts, stars, initials, professions of love and sex scribbled all over all three of us. They all grabbed a couple markers each, writing on all exposed arms, shoulders, chests, hands, etc., trying to out-do one another with the edginess of our body art/graffiti. We were so in the moment, adding to our memory banks along with some of our favs… and entertaining the many onlookers at the same time.

My honeys loved my little bar-time prank so much, that some weeks later, at home, they teamed up on me and got me back. After a hot and steamy daytime session of “enjoying each other to the fullest,” it was brought to my attention that they had secretly hidden my tiny portable markers at our bedside, for easy access. They divided and shared all 8 markers (off limits to me, this time around), exploring their creative side . . . all over my body.

They began drawing pictures, words, and even directions all over my pale skin… the perfect canvas for my loves, to do with me as they wish. After lots of love and laughter, basking in our after-glow, and our hubby taking way too many pics (LOL)… it was time to “try” to wash it all off. That was another adventure indeed :)



5 comments on “it’s been far too long

  • Yes, we’ve been waiting eagerly for some news from you 🙂
    But I’m not disappointed we had to wait, this is a great post indeed! And I just LOVE this pic!
    I imagine all the fun it must have been to have this drawn onto your skin. Oh gosh, I can feel it!! I wish I had someone to do that on me now!
    Well, another time for me 🙂 At least I know such fun IS possible 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with us. It’s always such a pleasure to read you!


  • Oh, by the way… I completely understand the dilemma of deciding whether to write about your past or your present fun… I have numerous drafts about both at the moment, and cannot seem to know which ones to finish first. I think you’re going about it the right way: write about what feels right at that moment. Whether older or current, I’ll enjoy reading about it (and many others undoubtedly!), because it gives me an insight into you. And as you pointed out, it’s incredible to find someone in blogland whose life experience has so many similarities. I want to get to know you better, it doesn’t matter if it is through memories or current experiences 🙂


    • You are observant and correct. I didn’t have either of my upper body tattoos yet.
      I’m currently considering another, but am waiting for a couple things to take place first.
      Thanks for noticing 😊


      • How could I not notice! It’s you, it’s me… 🙂
        Plus, you are so proud of that tattoo, explained its meaning… it’s a very powerful story behind that tattoo 🙂


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