Published April 22, 2014 by Krystal Minx

We’ve all heard the song … and hoped it was true. From the moment he leans in for that kiss, to the instant your lips meet his… you feel “IT.” You feel that anticipated emotional wave, and with contact you feel the surge of electricity running wildly through your veins. Your chest warms with passion, radiating from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. As you wonder if you are dreaming or could this be true, your fingertips join the tingling party. It is then, when you no longer even feel your feet touching the ground… and YOU KNOW…” IT”….!!!

When I was young I thought I knew what love was, and married it. I thought being treated like a queen was just a myth and only found in fairytales and movies… WAS I EVER WRONG (on all accounts) !!!

Not only does my Prince Charming exist, but after many years I have miraculously found him (to my continued astonishment) ….

Jay is my Prince Charming… he is a man that loves like no other. He is a giver to no end. He will go out of his way for me to an extent I will never get used to. He loves with a passion that is unmatched and shows his love with sincerity that I can feel near or far.

When I might be feeling under the weather… He takes care of me by putting his foot down to be sure I rest and will do anything to make me feel better, physically and emotionally. He waits on me hand and foot, truly trying to help me feel well … a man REALLY does this for his wife? … I’m still in disbelief !!

Doing the smallest or biggest favors… Jay loves to do things for me, and I love doing things for him. We each receive so much pleasure doing things for one another and helping each other with all types of projects, we actually race to BE ABLE to do the dishes, just so the other can rest after dinner. It almost seems like we are trying to out-do one another, yet it is only natural for each of us. Being married to someone that actually reciprocates acts of kindness and caring is another world I don’t think I will ever fully get used to (nor do I want to, I don’t EVER want to take him for granted).

When it is my turn to be pleasured… He loves pleasuring me, no matter how long it takes (I am not the easiest person to bring to climax). The longer it takes for me to reach O just drives him with determination, and he feels lucky to have more time tasting/touching me….WOW..!!

When I am giving pleasure… Jay always feels that I am spoiling him and am “too good to him.” Seeing his eyes roll back and that look of pure pleasure on his face, only drives me to do it more. I truly love when I can get him to lie back and let me cover his body in caresses, kisses, and passion. He acts like it’s Christmas or something – LOL (and he deserves EVERY bit of it!)

Sex… There is always foreplay, we go slow, we talk about our love and each other and the act we are involved in at the moment (as well as sharing fantasies). There is ALWAYS eye contact, the perfect illustration of our connection. It’s like we are looking into each other’s souls and have become one. We get started, enjoy every second of the act, bask in our afterglow, and start all over again. Hours can go by and we have no sense of time or the outside world, we are just “in the moment” with each other at all times.

Errands and chores… We do everything together. Many times it would be a time saver to split things up and each of us get things accomplished separately, but Jay always wants to come with me, help me, or just do it “together.” I love every second we spend together, no matter what we are doing, it never feels like work. I once told him as we stopped to fill the car with gas, it felt like being at Disneyland, because we were still having so much fun, no matter how trivial the activity was.

Holding Hands – Jay and I hold hands all the time. No matter where we are, we reach for each other, automatically. It still catches me by surprise from time to time as he intertwines his fingers into mine, at every opportunity (he even creates opportunities). This act alone, makes me feel so special, and I’m sure he doesn’t even really know just how much, because it is just something he “does”.

Eye contact… Whether it is a simple glance or lingering gaze, both bring the butterflies in my tummy to their height of flight, and put me on Cloud 9. When we lock eyes, it’s so much more than that. I feel I am looking directly into his heart and he can see deep into my soul. It is a feeling like no other!

HIS KISS… is tender and passionate, he lingers like he never wants it to end. When he kisses me, it’s like an extension of his gaze. It is all about our connection and the depth of our love. Who knew a kiss could be so PERFECT in every way…


IT “IS” IN HIS KISS… TRUE LOVE is definitely in his KISS (and every single thing he does)..!!!

HIS KISS tells me he is not only REAL, but he is HERE, he is MINE, and OUR LOVE is TRUE..!!!


3 comments on “IT’S IN HIS KISS

  • I was so glad to see that you had written another post!
    And then I started reading it, and was reminded of how similar our stories are. For instance, I completely get the incredulity at a man paying attention to his wife when she is sick. I didn’t get that before. Now, what I experience at the moment cannot be compared to what you have with your husband, but at least it brings me comfort that some men are able to actually care about the woman in their life and want for them to feel good.
    I like what you described about giving/receiving pleasure too… I can relate there too. You know I don’t always have an easy time getting there either. Knowing I’m not judged if it doesn’t happen, or when it takes a long time, is great. And makes me want to give pleasure even more. No matter how long that takes 🙂
    Thank you for this post. I am glad you and Jay found one another. And I’m looking forward to a post explaining your connection to your wife next, as that really intrigues me 😉


  • Dawn, I am so glad you have discovered what possibilities are out there for you in the world of LOVE and ROMANCE. You took the first step in eliminating the “drain” in your life, and moving on to your own self discovery. I think of you often and wish you the best every day.

    Finding Jay was like winning the Lottery… there couldn’t be a more perfect match for me… we continuously run into illustrations of how we “share one brain” and were “cut from the same mold”… it is truly UNCANNNY, and almost scary how we think alike about EVERYTHING..!!!

    Now, YOU have read my mind…. a post about my wife is definitely in order NEXT.


    • And I think of you everyday too 🙂

      It is a great feeling to have someone who cares about helping me discover myself. Actually, the reason I didn’t see this reply sooner is because I just hung up the phone from another very satisfying phone call. The neighbours are going to be sooo happy when I move out!! I need to finish that post on noise I started on Thursday night 😉

      I cannot wait to read what you say about your and your wife’s relationship, what it brings you and so on. Of course, I’m a great mind reader… but only for those with whom I have a common background, a connection 🙂


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