Hubby’s Perfect Morning (and mine!)

Published May 17, 2014 by Krystal Minx

The bright, morning sun poured into our bedroom window. I woke first, rubbed my eyes and rolled over. He was still asleep, and I stared at his face, taking in his features in the growing light. Like he usually slept, his arms and legs were askew, but I stared mostly at his lips. I wanted to kiss him, but didn’t want to wake him just yet… like most mornings, I didn’t want this quiet moment to end. But all moments end, and my urge to kiss his lips overtook my desire to remain in the moment.

I leaned over him gently, brought my lips to his, and nuzzled into his neck. He stirred as my lips touched his and proceeded to stretch, tensing almost every muscle in his body, kicking down the covers as he did, exposing half of his naked body, still warm from his slumber. As he slowly awoke, he could see and feel me next to him – as he cradled me, he admired my curvy body, my long dark hair, my full round breasts, and my soft heart-shaped backside. His eyes fixated on my physique, and I couldn’t help but notice his arousal beginning to grow. As we softly caressed, I smile and roll even closer to him.

I kissed his chest as I squirmed my way downwards. As my lips brushed against the light hairs on his stomach, he felt a familiar stirring just beneath the edge of our soft sheets. I reached his waist, running my fingers over his stomach and toward my favorite spot on his legs, tracing the outline of his hip bones with my fingertips. My soft touch brings goose bumps of anticipation to his skin. My hand finds his cock, and instantly I feel its plumpness. I slowly stroke it and play with the head with my fingers. With his cock still in my hand, I kissed down his chest and nibbled at his quickly-hardening nipples. I moved my other hand into the action, and gently ran my fingernails across his balls, making him softly arch his back at the added sensation. Feeling him getting harder and harder in my hand, I continued my kisses downward and repositioned myself between his legs. My mouth reaching his cock, I teased him with a couple more long strokes while I stared at the fullness I just created.

I love to feel his hardness on my face, and softly connect the two together, rubbing his stiff rod all over my soft skin and arousing him further at the same time. My tongue darts out, and laps at his length, teasing yet with a clear direction. Softly, I placed the tip against my full lips, looked up at him until our eyes met, and then circled my tongue around his head, slowly working my way downward and taking him into my mouth, tasting the pre-cum from his glistening hole. Dropping my hand back down to cradle his balls, my lips and tongue now engulf him, moving skillfully down to the base of his cock, back to the tip, and then down again. Gently sucking, I established a rhythm, my head synchronizing with my hand, moving up and down, up and down, taking in as much as I can with each stroke.

I continued in this way, while he hungrily watched my every move. My soft long hair flowing as I moved, my passion-filled hazel eyes still drawing his attention as the day we first met, the shape of my body turning him on like never before… my movements made his loins ache, as he watched me taking him in as far as I could while frequently making eye contact. It made him feel young again, to see his cock slide in and out of my wet and willing mouth.

I drove him wild and the moans he was making ensured I knew it, grabbing my wrists with a sexual intensity that drove me wild. I quickened my pace, bobbing my head up and down even faster. Taking a full stroke with each bob, my hand skillfully wrapped around his shaft just below my lips to spare my throat from an aggressive pounding, I expertly worked his cock with all my magic. My tongue slithered around his throbbing head as I plunged down, again and again… I could tell by his increasing moans and stiffening body that I’m about to put him over the edge. At this point, he’s thrusting up against my assault, fucking my mouth like he was fucking my pussy.

He felt that familiar tingling sensation and knew there was no turning back. “You’re gonna make me cum!” he uttered as he neared his climax. Hearing that made me suck even harder and he tensed his entire body and grabbed my wrists as tight as he could… I felt his body shudder and throb from my onslaught. His breathing stopped for a moment, as did mine in an automated reflex, and then he let out a loud groan of animal passion, “Aaahhhh…I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!!”

His orgasm quickly took hold, his cock pulsated, and the first stream of his steamy hot cum blasts from the small hole, hitting the roof of my hot and waiting mouth (that first pulse is my favorite moment). I backed off a bit, making room among my saliva to accommodate his full creamy load. Each beat of his heart sent more cum squirting from his bloated balls, and he emptied himself into me, as I continued to suck every drop of his sweet nectar. As his climax subsided, I swallowed every drop of his deliciousness down the back of my throat. He tastes absolutely DELICIOUS..!!!

He was momentarily paralyzed as his body pulsed and quivered – his muscles were hard as steel while his skin was covered with goose bumps. Slowly, his limbs relaxed, and his empty cock began wilting, and I held it in my mouth as it started shriveling, wanting to hold it as long as possible. I softly sucked and milked him with my warm mouth, as his body relaxed even further, and I could feel his heartbeat deep in his cock as his pulse returned to normal, finally letting him drop from my mouth.

Fully drained, I crawled back up the bed and kissed him deeply. My tongue enters his mouth as the intoxicating taste of his sweet cum lingers in my mouth. He held me tight as we shared this delightful moment. He cannot help but smile at me, and I smiled back.

In his mushy stupor, both of our minds wonder, knowing today will be another great day.


3 comments on “Hubby’s Perfect Morning (and mine!)

  • I’d read it earlier but didn’t have time to comment. Then I read it again tonight. Same effect, which I didn’t really need tonight, of longing 😉
    Well done and well written Minx! Enjoy every moment! (and please keep sharing with us 😉 ).


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