Published May 27, 2014 by Krystal Minx

As we went to bed last night, we knew that washing the car was top priority on our “to do” list for the next morning. After a quick coffee and nutritious yogurt Jay headed outside to get started. I was behind him by about 5 minutes because I wanted to get my #Boobday pic sent off to be sure I wasn’t running late.

When we wash our cars, it is not a quick task. Jay had just begun, so when I went outside, I pitched in to lighten the work load. By the time the two of us put our muscle and sweat into it, that car will look like new again… inside and out. B-U-T, today took even longer than normal for us…..

Washing and drying the exterior, opening every door to dry each crevice completely… moving to the interior, I remove all the floor mats so I can vacuum the carpet and seats. Jay had stepped into the garage looking for a few cleaning products, and after I vacuumed the front carpets, I moved to the back. I didn’t want to track in any more debris, so I was on my hands and knees in the back seat as I started vacuuming that floor… before I knew it, Jay had returned and I felt his hands on my butt. He startled me, in the most pleasant way. Then, still unexpectedly, he slid his hands up my loose fitting pant leg. Feeling his hands on me, my pussy had already begun to moisten. He found my wet hole and began fingering me, all the while I continued to vacuum the car floor… breathing more and more heavily, of course.

As I finished that section, I couldn’t take it any longer, he removed his fingers from between my legs so I could turn around. To my surprise, as I spun around, I found Jay standing at the open door of the car with his cock staring at me. He wanted me to see the affect I have on him. I told him “Don’t you whip that out in front of me just to put it away immediately, you big tease.” The sight of his cock drives me wild, so I stretched out across that backseat (feet hanging out the other door) and took him in my mouth. I love how he feels in my mouth, as I sucked and licked his raging hard on. He was hard as stone, his length and girth always mesmerizing to me.

He could hear a moan escape from my lips, and knew my desire was growing immensely. My tongue continued its assault on his throbbing manhood until I engulfed his entire cock into my mouth. Here we were, a mere few feet from the public sidewalk in front of our home, and I was giving him a wild and hot blowjob, with our only cover being his body and a partially closed rear car door, which hid our actions for the most part, unless someone really wanted to look closely. Doing this in such a public place was definitely adding to the excitement factor.


Between my wet pussy and his hard cock, we were not going to just drop this and go back to cleaning the car… we had to put it all together… as sweaty and messy we were, passion took over and we had to have each other. As I pulled my mouth off his glistening meat he backed up and quickly helped me out of the back seat, as almost panting, I cooed, “I want you so badly. I need to feel you in me now.” We stepped inside the garage, door wide open to the driveway and street, but we stood behind a couple large items and kissed deeply. I stroked his still exposed cock and he reached into my waistband to rub my clit, but not for long… within moments we had dropped each other’s pants, he spun me around, bent me over, lined up his pink sword and entered me. I scanned for something to hold on to while he had my hips firmly in his grasp… I was so wet, he was at full depth within two strokes. The moment he was fully buried inside me, he began pounding deep inside my pussy. He used long, penetrating strokes at a very brisk tempo and I met each deep thrust with my hips rocking back toward him. I was in heaven and could not keep quiet. We were hidden enough from plain sight of anyone that might walk by, but there was certainly no keeping my pleasure silent. Moans of ecstasy were flowing freely from my lips, and any passersby could have heard. I did not care, my hubby was making me feel so unbelievable, I felt no reason to hide it.

We kept at it until both of our legs were ready to give way. I wasn’t ready to stop (and neither was he), so I took Jay’s hand, and with a deep kiss said, let’s finish this inside. We quickly went inside, never making it to the bedroom, immediately stopping at the sofa. We both dropped our pants, I fell onto the couch, and he climbed on top of me. Pumping his manhood deep into my love trap, I bucked back, driving him closer and closer to the finish line. Between the car and the garage, he was “ready” so I knew it wouldn’t be long. I love when he is at this stage, so I can intensify things for him. He pushed my shirt up and I grabbed my own breasts for him to enjoy the view, pinching and tugging on my nipples just how he likes… drives him wild… and I do love driving him wild..!!! As soon as I sense him approaching that point of no return, my own breathing quickens with excitement, and I ramp up my talk and touch… I can’t wait to feel him fill my wanting pussy with each final thrust of his magnificent cock. I enjoy that look on his face as he cums, and hold my breath until he has emptied in me completely. I ride out his orgasm with him, as if it is my own, sharing every nuance. This moment satisfies me more than any other. It’s never just “his” climax, it’s OURS.

We needed to get back outside to finish washing the car before sunset, but still took the time for a few minutes of basking in the afterglow. I got up first, pulled on my pants, and headed back out to the driveway and continued vacuuming the floor mats. Sitting on the driveway, I vacuum with a smile of satisfaction, as his cum is spilling out of me, soaking my pants…. I love every sensation, inside and out. I look up and see Jay walking toward me to help finish the car. Seeing him standing there as I felt his cum drip from me was a magical moment… very wet, and totally MAGICAL.

Before bed tonight, I think it’s time to make another To Do list.


9 comments on “THE CAR WASH

  • Yum!!! I wish I had so much fun cleaning the car! Maybe it wouldn’t be the messy thing it is at the moment!!
    I must admit that as much as I love to feel someone come inside me, I hate that moment when their cum seeps back out. Or maybe it’s because it was not with the right person and I was never really allowed to enjoy the afterglow…
    And I must sigh when I read that you have submitted yor bboday pic already. I haven’t even taken mine yet! Gotta do that tonight 🙂


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