…And Then It Was My Turn…

Published June 4, 2014 by Krystal Minx

Following our mid-morning play session, we all drifted back to sleep, Tyla on my left side after a short trip to the potty for some relief and clean up.  Our hubby contently snoring lightly on my right, placing me back between my honeys where I love to be…it’s REALLY the best place of all when your life is made of three!

After a few hours, when the real morning came, I slowly woke to find myself snuggled close between my loves, with four magical hands roaming all over my body.  I was loving every second of what they were doing… Oh, what a way to be woken up!  It didn’t take long to get me squirming and oh-so-wet, way before the cobwebs of sleep fully left my still closed eyes.  I stretched, moaned softly, and reached around with both hands to embrace my warm, naked partners who were now focusing their digital exploration to my more sensitive areas.

Knowing my body about as well as myself, they expertly worked my buttons until I was a soaked, wiggling specimen … Tyla knew this well as her cue to move in for the kill, and peeled the sheets down the rest of the way as she kissed her way down my warm skin, reaching my smooth pussy lips and kissing them so very softly.  Jay moved in closer to assist with my top half, brushing and pinching my taut nipples while nibbling my neck and delivering light kisses all around my face.  After listening to them earlier, I was more than ready to explode, and they both knew it.

Tyla parted my swollen lips and her tongue immediately found its target, swirling and lapping at the top of my honey pot, dancing around my hard clit so perfectly.  Hubby kicked up his game too, now sucking steadily on my nipples, alternating back and forth, pinching the one that wasn’t in his mouth.  My hands held onto what I could find of my lovers, my left on her soft red hair, and my right wrapped around his thick firm cock.

They work so well together and knew it wouldn’t be long before I reached my climax…this was heaven on earth for me, feeling both my loves’ masterful touch in the most sensuous way.  Her tongue lapping up my juice as fast as she was creating it…his suckling on my most stimulating of areas…and me being able to touch them back, feeling them while they pleasure me, sharing just the right amount of connection all around.

Suddenly, there was no turning back.  I reached that point of no return… my breath got shallow but quickened… I gasped for air, sucking in more than I exhaled… my leg muscles tensed… my back arched upward… my head tilted… eyes rolled backward… my teeth found my lower lip… my hands squeezed whatever they could find…

At that perfect moment all my tension released immediately, flooding out of my soul after a quick but tremendous build up!  I came like nothing before, with the intensity of a thousand watts of electricity, convulsing… twitching… throbbing…  Such a release, and then it was over, subsiding gently as the tingles washed over me, then slowly departing my every nerve.  My eyes slowly parted for the first time. After adjusting to the sunlight peeking in the room, between the shutter slats, I found both my loves smiling at me.  We all locked eyes as I returned a smile of my own… a very satisfied smile!!


6 comments on “…And Then It Was My Turn…

  • That is a very nice way to wake up I’m sure! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it. And I don’t mean the 4 hands part, because I never got to experiment that either 😉
    Hot post again Krystal! You over-indulge us!


    • Going back and reading some comments… Thank you for your compliment… I have to get back to indulging myself and writing… more to come soon!


    • Dear AM, I should have replied to your wonderful comment long ago, and am so glad I have gone back to read again. I will be writing more soon, and hope to hear more about you and your wife, as well.


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