Published February 16, 2015 by Krystal Minx

The soft warm sheets only partially covered his sexy naked form, as he was splayed across our bed, still sleeping soundly… I hated to leave for work this morning and that image of my husband was burned into my mind all day long. As the minutes ticked by, concentrating on my job became almost impossible, and I couldn’t wait to get back home.

Even being on my period, I can find the positive in almost everything, and while we frequently have “messy” sex during this time, this is what I always lovingly refer to as “Blow Job Week.” As much as my hubby enjoys my oral treats, I think I love them even more!

Each month, I find new spontaneous ways to surprise him…I caress him softly as soon as he wakes up and take his morning wood…I kneel in front of him before heading out for a night out…I join him in the shower for a wonderful happy ending…I pull my hair back and bury myself in his lap during long road trips…and there’s always the sexy break while watching some late nite TV…never a bad time for the taste I crave.

I was really craving him today – that image of his pure masculine body had my juices working overtime all day long, and I simply had to have him as soon as I got home! Most guys love blowjobs, and my hubby is no exception here – he loves seeing my lips encircled around his girth, and my occasional gag validates his impressive size. Whenever I spice things up with an un-planned, just-because-I-need-to-taste-you BJ, that really ramps up our pleasure even more.

As I walked through our front door, I wasted no time. I dropped my purse, removed my jacket, and hit the potty to freshen up. He was sitting on the couch, reading news on his tablet, and I sat next to him, inhaling his manly scent that always drives me wild. Nuzzling my head into his shoulder, my hands began their trip all over hubby-town…fingers in his chest hair, working their way down his abs… as my hands crept toward his waistline, he slid down a little and leaned back into the cushions. I always enjoy caressing him through his pants, getting him aroused before I go further – I find it visually appealing and love how he thickens under my fingers, begging to be unleashed.

The Taste I Crave_Pic1

Popping the button on his jeans and unzipping the zipper, I could sense his heart speeding up… so evident now from all the blood pumped into his cock. A look of excitement came across both our faces as I pulled it free and delicately slid my soft hands along the shaft from the base to the tip. His cock was firm and thick, and the tip shiny and velvety soft. I love to initially tease him with slow strokes, and ramp up as he responds to my touch…then I add my hot breath along the underside of his cock as I rub my face all over his silky skin. He’s told me countless times how much it drives him wild when I touch him like this, and makes him want even more… makes me want even more!

He slid his pants all the way off to give me more room, and I positioned myself on the floor, directly between his knees where I could really get down to business…and I did. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me as I wrapped my fingers around his fully engorged cock, while my other hand cupped his balls. He loves when I roll them around and gently scratch them with my nails. A bit of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip – I dabbed it with my finger and licked it, tasting his initial sweetness. I started to speed up and he reached down to run his fingers through my hair and pull it back so he could see my face as I lowered myself over his swollen head – he loves to watch me give him head!

As I took him into my mouth, I looked up with a devilish grin and saw him biting his own lip. I was totally turned on and fully in control. I shifted my body to anchor myself better and increased my pace, now sucking and stroking in unison, so he felt me along his entire shaft at all times. Plunging down, taking him deep into my mouth, my tongue danced along the underside of his shaft, still massaging his balls, lifting them tight against the base of his thick shaft to ensure I would drain every little drop from them. I could feel him start to thrust toward me.

His breathing indicated he was getting close, and my eyes locked on his, as I ramped it up even more. With every bob of my head, I pushed him further into my mouth until I neared the back of my throat. I gagged a little, but kept up the frantic pace, pulled up to the tip with my lips wrapped tightly around his cock, then slammed back down to my throat once again. A deep pleasure-filled moan escaped his lips as his head rolled back, giving himself fully to me as my warm mouth engulfed him. Hearing that encouraged me and I sped up my pace with even more gusto. The faster I got, the harder I sucked, my hand wrapped firmly around his thick shaft, in perfect rhythm with my mouth. I was in such a groove, I could feel myself getting wet and tingly. I could feel him throbbing, his sack tensing up, and his leg muscles trembling ever so slightly…I knew he was there…

I could tell by his rapid breaths what I already knew was happening. His entire body tightened and his cock erupted, filling my mouth with his white hot load. That first perfect stream hitting me directly on the roof of my mouth that I love so much! I closed my eyes and enjoyed every squirt of warm cum as it coated my tongue. As he pulsed, he let out an animalistic roar and I maintained my pace, squeezing his balls and sucking even harder to get every delicious drop out of him as my hand milked him dry. I waited to swallow and held each stream in my mouth, feeling the fluid build in my mouth. When his body began to relax, and I knew I received his last pulse of deliciousness. It was then, I took my moment to stir his total load with my tongue, feeling its warmth on every surface of my mouth, enjoying every nuance of flavor just before I let it glide down my throat.
I’ve tasted several different men in my life, and my hubby’s cream is by far the absolute most delectable, with just the perfect hint of saltiness – I can’t get enough!

The Taste I Crave_Pic2

Once I felt his muscles completely relax and his orgasm subside, I slowed to a stop and let his softening member slip from my lips. I lapped up the last of my prize and couldn’t help giving him the biggest of smiles as I continued to clean him up. I held him gently in my hand, until his density lessened and his skin cooled. Just as before, I nuzzled and kissed him, lovingly and tender, foreplay and after play both, feeling his body go limp before me, my hands caressing his entire contented body as we maintained solid eye contact… his barely-open eyes meeting mine in a silent language of love and appreciation… never giver and receiver… always two recipients of a most special connection of souls.

I love Blow Job Week!


10 comments on “THE TASTE I CRAVE

  • I cannot believe it’s been 24 days since you published this. I saw it in my email and didn’t have time to read then and then… I forgot to come and visit!
    I love giving a blowjob too, so I can very well understand what you described here!
    I hope you’re doing well XO


  • A well constructed, beautifully written piece such as this always speaks and plays in the readers mind as if it were being performed on the reader by the writer. Your ultra-descript technique moved me way beyond tumescence quickly right past the point of no return, causing string after string of convulsions to spill out into your imaginary waiting mouth. Perfect!

    I do hope your story is “in the mood” for a repeat performance for me next week while I’m traveling away from my Mynx yet again, miss Krystal Minx…

    Keep ’em cumming miss…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)


    • Sir, I’m so glad you enjoyed “The Taste…” I do love recalling my moments of passion to put in print and move my readers in any way that suits them. Hearing how you responded to my story put a devilish little smile across my face that my hubby spotted immediately from across the room. Responses such as yours inspire me to write more, I will work on having something more for you soon.
      Happy travels,

      Liked by 1 person

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