Published October 22, 2016 by Krystal Minx

I adore sunshine and warm weather. The sun feels so sensual on my body, and I can’t get enough.

img_8664 As most of you know, I love being naked and always sunbathe nude. We are empty-nesters with a private yard which makes this so natural for me.
img_8661-1As the rays of sun warm my breasts and pussy, small beads of sweat accumulate in all the right places.

When the breeze picks up, its evaporation tickles my skin and hardens my nipples. The sun is so delicious, and the heat on my skin is absolutely intoxicating.

Eyes closed, my mind drifts to sex and in this heat my pussy quickly becomes slick with erotic thoughts. As the cool breeze hits my nipples and my hands wander to my boobs.  I begin rolling my taut buds, gently twisting them until they are hard, sending tingles directly to my pussy.

Feeling more and more turned on, one hand slides down my belly, to my mound. I rub it softly and squeeze my lips together until my clit swells between them.

img_8662Parting my legs slightly, I let out a small gasp as I dip a finger inside, drawing my slippery juices up to my magic button. I gently circle my clit and another moan escapes my mouth, as my other hand rubs my nipples more vigorously.

img_8660Building quickly, I feverishly rub my clit with a solid agenda now, my mind replays the events from that same morning… my hubby’s thick cock slamming into my tight pussy, tapping my uterus and driving me insane with desire.

img_8659As I feel my climax approaching, my hips instinctively buck upward and back.  I know my O is imminent and can’t wait to explode with pleasure, but I hold back as long as possible because I am not ready for this feeling to end.

img_8657And then it was upon me, I could resist no longer…my head shot back and my body arched from my hips to my neck.  I trembled uncontrollably as my orgasm crashed over me and I shrieked aloud in pure bliss with each wave.

img_8658The multiple sensations of sun-kissed skin, a crisp breeze, an arousing memory, and my probing fingers, combined to ignite the explosive orgasm within me.  My entire body quivered in delight as the spasms slowly faded, my glistening fingers slipped away and my hand fell to my side. Completely spent, I was very aware of my breathing and heart rate slowing back to normal, and my entire body savored the afterglow of another wild release.

I love the exquisite pleasure of Masturbation Monday!



37 comments on “POOLSIDE PLEASURE

    • 🙂 Me too. The water’s too cold to swim anymore this season and I miss it already. I have my fingers crossed for at least a day full of sunshine to warm my skin poolside, before the chilly air takes over too.

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        • Funny!!
          Luckily our pool and yard are quite private. Only one neighbor can see into our yard, if they make the effort to look over the fence. Since no children reside there, I don’t mind if they get a peek every so often.
          I do wonder from time to time as I float on the water or soak up the sun poolside… are they even home? would they stand on something just to get a glimpse over the fence? are they caught by surprise when they glance out their upstairs bathroom window that overlooks our yard? would they inform the other when they’ve spotted me so they can fondle each other as they view my nakedness through those bathroom shutters??
          I will never know, but it’s fun to imagine and wonder.

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