Clean sheets

Published November 19, 2016 by Krystal Minx

I think my plan (to get him off the bed so the clean sheets could be put on) backfired…he GOT OFF alright (and so did I), but we still had to make the bed…did I mention I love housework?  😛


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28 comments on “Clean sheets

    • Thank you Blue Eyes! He is the “icing” on my housework “cake” … I do enjoy cleaning etc, and he is delicious and pure indulgence …can take my attention away from any task!

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  • I daresay you didn’t really think you were getting him to move off the bed by getting on it?! I love it when plans backfire in a good way. I like that the photo is taken via a mirror – reflective shots are always fun. Do you have red lights under your bed?!

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    • Well, I had been asking him to get off the bed so I could put the clean sheets on, but when that wasn’t working, I changed plans. I just couldn’t resist his naked bum and shoulders, I had to snuggle in…that full body contact drives me wild!
      Yes we do have red lights under our bed, they flip on automatically when you walk close to it. My hubby installed them himself just so we wouldn’t bang our legs on the bed frame at night.

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