Yes, I would….

Published November 23, 2016 by Krystal Minx

People watching…I love to people watch.  For me, a trip to the local shopping mall is usually out of necessity, as opposed to pleasure or fun.  The icing on the cake of those trips is always the massive opportunity to people watch.

In addition to having almost everything in common, my hubby and I also share in the fascination of people watching.  It is never to judge, but rather to analyze and identify the wonder of our fellow humans.  No matter, old/young, black/white/brown, short/tall, men/women…they ALL catch our interest and spur discussion.  We enjoy comparing observations, ranging from behaviors, dress, smile, mannerisms, grooming level, how they interact with family/friends/strangers, and of course, their attractiveness to each of us.

legsshoes  hair  laugh

One side benefit of my bisexuality is that I get to share my admiration of beautiful women with him.  I don’t have to deal with jealousy when he looks at other women, because I am looking just as much, and we get to SHARE our love of the female form in all its glory!  When we happen across an exceptionally attractive woman, we compare notes on what we like about her.  Is her manner of dress sexy or casual?  Are her nails meticulously groomed and polished?  Is her smile warm and genuine?  Is she treating others with kindness? Are her shoes for comfort or to make a statement?  Is her hair cared for and styled?  Does she seem to have a bright personality? …and the list goes on.

katboobs  bloom

If a woman has captured our attention so much so that we find ourselves in a highly spirited comparing of notes, there is one way my hubby brings our banter home…with a simple, yet direct question, “Would you do her?”  This always elicits a playful smile from me and, after a pause, an equally honest answer.  We both have what we consider pretty high standards (which is why we chose each other, of course) so, even though our discussion is all hypothetical, the answer to this question still means a lot to us both!

bwbeauty  sharburg  eyes

Recently, when admiring a gorgeous woman, I found myself going on and on about all the reasons I found her particularly attractive.   I could see him postulating and about to speak, so I beat him to the punch and said, “…and before you even say it, Yes, I would do her!”  The biggest smile spread across his face  🙂 …and mine   🙂



20 comments on “Yes, I would….

    • Thanks DCP! Since this post was about things I look at to determine if I find a woman sexy, the photos all have at least one thing that I am attracted to. There being so many factors, I could have chosen so many more photos, but it is a good glimpse of the “little” things that can turn me on. This was difficult to keep short and sweet, but very fun to put together.

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  • I could go on and on with this one! You hit the nail on the head:) I love to people watch. The older I get, the more I enjoy it. I love the sexy. And sometimes, someone catches my attention that may not be “classically” beautiful. People watching is FREE theatre. And yes, some ladies do catch my attention for a future fantasy!!

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