Behind the Scenes

Published December 3, 2016 by Krystal Minx

This was such a fun prompt for Sinful Sunday!  We had so many ideas, and narrowing down to one involved many enthusiastic brain-storming sessions….

Each week, we all do so much to play with light, shadows, texture, color, etc., that Mr. Paparazzi and I thought it would be fun to show a “behind the scenes” glimpse, too.  What do you think?



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43 comments on “Behind the Scenes

    • Thank you so much Mortimer! We love the red light and use it on a regular basis, as opposed to having sex in total darkness. It ramps up the sexy levels during the throes of passion!


  • I agree with other commenters – you look amazing bathed in red light! The behind-the-scenes picture is a great idea, as I often wonder how bloggers manage to capture the photos they do. I feel like there could be a great story here; the red light and blinds make for a great fiction prompt. ^^

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    • Thank you Cara!
      Mr. Minx and I tend to over-think and over-engineer everything we do, so there’s A LOT of serious collaboration that happens before we are both happy with the end result… “all in” is a perfect summation. So glad you liked it, we always appreciate your feedback and kind words.


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