A Helping HAND!

Published October 16, 2017 by Krystal Minx

Mr Minx and I have an AWESOME sex life, and it’s a very rare day that we don’t have sex of some kind. On more days than not, we have sex more than once, and honestly this is surprising even to us. We act like newlyweds most of the time, even though we’ve been together for the better part of a decade! We like to mix things up doing various things; I wouldn’t call us “kinky” by the standard definition that most would use, but we definitely maintain a great deal of variety in this regard…we love to experiment with different ways to pleasure each other, in different places, and even occasionally with different partners.

I’m ALWAYS very willing to pleasure Mr Minx with my mouth, and love to swallow every drop of his deliciously creamy, oh-so-sweet tasting cum, and he loves burying his thick cock in my overly snug pussy until he fills me with his cream. But, a special treat for both of us is when I manually stroke him to climax. He loves the amount of friction it provides while he gets to watch, and I enjoy the pleasure it gives him and of course the happy ending!

Almost nightly, while watching TV on our couch, I find myself reaching into his loose pajama bottoms for that special time with my favorite toy. Sometimes this goes further, and sometimes we simply enjoy the sensual bond this gives us. One memorable session when I recently got to pleasure him to completion like this was a few mornings ago, just before I had to leave for work.

I had already gotten ready, finished my chores, and still had a bit of time before I had to leave. I entered our room and, as usual at this time of morning, Mr Minx was still sleeping soundly. I inched closer to him and took a look, as I usually do…I love watching him sleep, and seeing him in that peaceful state always made it difficult to leave him. He was naked, as we both usually sleep like that except for the coldest of nights, and was barely covered from the waist down by the thin flat sheet, his right leg mostly out in the open. Something else caught my eye, which made my entire body tingle almost immediately. He had a nice case of “morning wood” and it looked amazing!

I almost gasped aloud, seeing the thick length pressing against the sheet. His length is only slightly above average at around seven inches, but it’s definitely much thicker than most, over six inches around! As often as I see it, I never get used to the feeling it stirs within me. The only part I could clearly see was his bulbous tip, sticking out from the edge of the sheet, but that was more than enough to make my juices flow. I inched closer and kneeled beside him, and reached out to caress his arm and shoulder, however couldn’t take my eyes off his magnificent cock.

I knew I should probably leave for work, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I placed my hand gently on the tip of his cock and slid the sheet down and away from it, revealing it in its full glory. It looked amazing as I softly gripped it and slowly started to stroke it, going up and down its full length. I heard a soft moan, and gazed up to his face. Had he woken up? It didn’t look like it, as his eyes were still closed – he seemed to only be reacting to my touch. I continued, hoping to give him the best “wake-up call” a guy could have!

My hand-job got faster and more intense. I found myself leaning over his cock more and more as I rubbed it, and really had to resist taking it into my mouth. I was sitting fully on the edge of the bed now, completely bewitched by his member. As I stroked it, I did from time to time lick the tip and let my saliva drip over his shaft and my hand, so as to provide a bit of extra slickness. While stroking with one hand, I moved my other to his balls, scratching with my nails just the way he loves. I couldn’t get enough of his yummy thick cock, and knew he had to wake up soon.

I often play with him in the mornings, especially when I wake before him, and I’m always excited at how hard it gets, even while he’s still sleeping. I wanted to make him cum so I could be off to work, but like me, he usually took a bit of time before he reaches orgasm, and part of the problem now was that he was still mostly asleep. I didn’t necessarily want to wake him up, but by this point, I also wanted to see this through!

By this time, I had unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my front-closure bra, and my tits swung beneath with very erect nipples. They begged for attention, so I brushed them across his stomach, arousing my nipples even more as I continued to stroke him. A sudden yet soft moan startled me, and I looked to see that he was semi-awake now, and enjoying my hospitality. I felt a pleasant, gentle grip on my arm as I increased my speed on his throbbing pole, gripping his cock as hard as I could.

He groaned again, and became extra aroused as I dug my nails deeper into his balls. My other hand continued its assault on his straining member, and I could feel it throbbing more and more. I knew he couldn’t last much longer, and thought he was going to burst at the seams. He started to thrust his hips upward every time I would pull downward on his shaft, down and back up again with each stroke, keeping perfectly in sync with me. His cock was hard and swollen and my grip so incredibly tight and wet that even the slightest motion perpetuated the perfect friction that he loved. My movements became furiously fast and I squeezed him like a vice, squeezing his cock so hard it would have normally hurt, had he not been so aroused and on the edge of climax.


His first shot of cum surprised me as it shot straight up with force until landing squarely back down onto his glistening head and then down onto my fingers. The second and third shots were just as thick as I continued the pace, now angling him downward, aiming toward his belly. His massive load came out in thick white creamy ropes, streaming mostly on his belly as I jerked him off good, his loose balls slapping up against my hand on every down stroke amid the frenzied pace. As I continued to vigorously slide my hand over his sensitive head, his pulse quickened as a torrent of cum splattered all over his body, the sheets, down his pulsating shaft and over his balls. The first wave was followed by a fourth, fifth, and sixth pulse, each one delivering a slightly lower volume of liquid as his balls transitioned from fully loaded to fully depleted. The feeling of his own warm cum on his body, enhanced the pleasure of his last couple of explosions.

He cried out with an extended, “Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh, I’m cooooommmming” as his body convulsed in an earth shattering orgasm. I wanted to make sure I got every last drop of cum from his balls as his orgasm subsided, and his body calmed, with his breathing still heavy. I was in awe at the sight and touched his cum with my fingers and felt the slippery texture – I rubbed it all over his stomach and balls. I finally couldn’t resist and lifted my index finger to my tongue to have just a taste of his sweet nectar.


I am not sure how long all this actually lasted, as time seemed to stand still as we built up to that point. Eventually he opened his eyes, smiled as they slowly come into focus, and then closed again as his erection slowly subsided, still thick in my grip. I sat there for a few more minutes, not saying a word, our hearts beating together, and both our emotions and satisfaction obvious in the comfortable silence.

I REALLY didn’t want to leave for work now!


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