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Published November 16, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Meet Vixen! She is super sexy and sinfully stunning! I think her photos are provocative, sensual, and exciting…she is simply Luscious!  

Read about her sexual adventures with her hubby (and friends) along with many erotic pictures, on her new Twitter acct .  Be sure to check it out.  But first, enjoy a few of her photos and learn a little about her, below.

Hello Sinful Sunday, I’m Vixen.

The outside world knows me as a mum of two & a wife in her 40’s who sometimes drinks too much gin and rarely exercises (despite my good intentions)!

I would describe myself as naughty, playful, kinky, generous, funny, caring, passionate and loving. I try not to take life too seriously…and I hope others see that in our tweets, pics, and videos.

Our whole Twitter journey started pretty much by accident (another story in itself), but I soon realised that sharing our pics and videos fulfilled the exhibitionist in me. I used to think I was a bit of a badgirl, however, I’ve now realised that I’m more of a minx!

“Life is for living, and it’s far too short” is the motto that we live by, so we make the most of every opportunity to have fun, in every way possible. This might be with a single male, a single female, or another couple, as long as everyone is always comfortable and enjoying themselves, it makes for the most amazing sexual adventures!

It never ceases to amaze me some of the compliments we receive on our pics, or the reaction of the younger guys we meet, and other females as well.  Sharing our pics and sexcapades is titillating and erotic for us, so as long as it continues feeling great, we will keep it up. 

Here are just a few pics that best capture who I am. 

And here are some of MY favorite photos of Vixen.  I love her taste in lingerie.  ~K


Find more Sunday Sinners by clicking the pink lips.

Introducing Mr Whisky

Published April 22, 2018 by Krystal Minx

One of my fellow tweeters has graciously agreed to guest-post with me and share himself for this week’s Sinful Sunday. He has a natural talent to creatively portray his delicious body for us to enjoy.

He’s in terrific shape, and exercises regularly to fight his DadBod and remain a worthy DILF. Let me be the first to say that it’s working! 💜

A man with years of wisdom, his definition of ‘beautiful’ is much different now, compared to when he was younger. He defines it as:  “…a great sense of humor …the ability to laugh at yourself …having an imperfect body but a confidence that owns it …possessing a kind spirit who cares enough to be vulnerable …and willing to change for the love of someone else…”   Sounds like a keeper to me!

Please welcome MR WHISKY  to his first Sinful Sunday 🙂


Mr Whisky has a very artistic and selective eye when it comes to composing his photos.

I like how he draws our attention to his strong shoulders in the first image, using the while tile and towel as the perfect frame for his frame.  Super Hot!

In the second shot he brings us into his home by sharing his morning coffee, his sculpted abs, and a hint of what’s below the belt.  Very Sexy!

In addition, the “clean freak” in me couldn’t help but notice the cleanser and scrubber he smartly left in the second image, as well.  So many shots taken by men in the WC are full of clutter and mess (ick), but not Mr Whisky, he obviously is starting his day with a sparkling clean shower (yay!!).   I admit, this trait in a man makes me tingle all over almost as much as his muscular sexy body… almost 😉

Be sure to check out Mr Whisky’s Twitter for more hot pics, and please comment on his photos here.  Crossing my fingers we get him hooked and he wants to participate again.

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