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Published December 5, 2016 by Krystal Minx
December is now upon us so it’s time for me to make the switch from online shopping to actually setting foot in some stores.  I don’t look forward to crowds of crazy shoppers, so I stick to a select few of favorite stores.  Inevitably, since I have made the trip already, I do find myself wandering through a couple extra stores, hoping to come across something unexpected.  This year is a little different.
I really only “make a day of it” shopping, this one time of year, so I also take the opportunity to touch/feel/try the things that catch my eye, for myself too.  Online browsing is nice and convenient, but nothing compares to picking up an item in your own two hands to make a determination of quality and value before purchasing.
As I enter one of those unplanned shops, something feels unlike the rest.  I seem to know that I won’t find any gifts here, but I am drawn to stay.  I do see some clothing items that catch my eye, and I gather several pieces as I make my way through rack after rack, ending up in line at the fitting rooms.  This is when the feeling of déjà vu begins to hit me.  Something feels so familiar and begins to stir within me as I get closer to entering the room.  When I am at the front of the line, I have to wait a bit longer, and during those moments the light bulb goes off in my head…I have not only been here, but there is a memory here that I had forgotten…a glorious one.
Years ago I had been holiday shopping with my girlfriend (turned love interest), Willow.  I don’t usually share a dressing room when trying on clothes, but that time was different.  We each had a couple items in our hands, and she suggested we share a room.  I quickly agreed.  Already thinking about watching her change, I was anxiously anticipating a couple kisses.


I’d never made out in a dressing room before, but that was about to change.   These rooms were actual rooms with walls that were floor to ceiling, will full length doors…very private.  As we each tried on a couple shirts, we could still hear the chatter of the other customers nearby.  We took advantage of our private surroundings and exchanged some sensual kisses.  I could feel the heat within me begin to rise.  It felt so naughty to be half naked and making out as people were waiting for a free dressing room.  This only made it hotter.
We thought it may be best to leave soon, so she proceeded to try on the pants and skirt she picked out.  No sooner did she remove her pants, I pushed her against the wall behind her with my bare breasts and a kiss, reaching below to scoot down her panties.  Sliding a finger to her slit, I immediately felt her wetness, just waiting for me. The more she moaned (as silently as she could) I probed her pussy with my fingers, kissed her deeply, and pressed my boobs against hers.  She returned my touches, unzipped my pants, and reached for my own moistness.  The more I felt her fingers; I was dripping in no time.  Willow and I could barely contain our passion for one another.  Before I knew it, she dropped to her knees, suckling my tits on the way down.  Her tongue found my clit immediately, and I parted my legs slightly to give her easier access.  I was breathing so heavily, it was not easy to keep quiet.  I was so horny, I almost forgot about our surroundings completely.  I had to have her, so I sat her on the bench where I could find my place between her legs and lick her sweet juices.  We knew others were waiting for our room, but it seemed to drive us to go for what we wanted, without hesitation.
Ultimately I rose to the bench, beside her for more boob play, and to share her own nectar that still glossed my lips.  What a juicy kiss that was!  A perfect way to wrap up our short, yet ever so taboo session.   Glowing from the passion that was seeping from our very pores, we dressed, reviewed each other for presentable appearance, and gathered our things as we exited.  We then waited in the checkout line, as we exchanged loving smiles, continuing to bask in the residual heat from our mini escapade.

Lesbians kiss. Iridescent silhouettes of two women kissing each other.

As this wonderful memory hit me, I was caught off guard feeling those oh so pleasant tingles of pleasure run through my body…and only from the memory.  On this day, as I entered the dressing room I was alone, and feeling so wonderful.  I enjoyed recalling that passionate time with my previous lover.   I was glad that memory came back, and looked forward to returning home where I could share all the details with Mr. Minx.  I knew how much he would enjoy hearing about this occurrence from my past, as I whispered the erotic details into his ear.  I can’t wait for tonight, to feel him throbbing and plunging inside me, deeper and more intensely, with each detail.  He will love it…and so will I…but that is a story for another time.

img_9104   purplelips

My First Pegging!

Published October 31, 2016 by Krystal Minx

My hubby and I almost always have sex during my cycle, as neither of us want to wait, or see a reason to. I playfully refer to this time-of-the-month as “Blow Job Week” as I really love sucking his cock, but on this particular night I was exceptionally frisky and looking to try something new.  He always says he’s up for ‘anything,’ so I wanted to put that to the test!   I got everything staged and ready.

When we climbed into bed ready to sleep (or so he thought, wink wink), I snuggled up close and started kissing him.   Slowly, tenderly, lovingly, just the way we both love – I was so enjoying tasting him.

With my cycle in full swing, and no thick towel in sight, he probably assumed this was going to be some wonderful teasing followed by a full-on, suck-his-balls-dry blowjob.  Little did he know that I wanted to fuck him…to have sex with him somehow…but something deliciously different than simply having him inside my crimson tunnel.  I wanted to be inside him!

We both enjoy anal teasing to enhance our regular sex play, and my hubby is always very open-minded when it comes to sexual exploration!  And tonight, I needed to fuck his ass!  This was going to be a light session…no gags…no restraints…just your basic strap-on ass pegging.   When his hips began rocking and he was clearly getting aroused from our kissing, I breathed into his ear, “I want to fuck your ass tonight.”

He didn’t need to hear anything else, and the look I saw when our eyes locked said it all.   After a moment he began rolling over, assuming I wanted him doggy style.

I stopped him. “Stay on your back,” I whispered, “I want to look at you while I make love to you.”  He was very aroused now as he intently watched me stand and don my harness.  He bought this for me to use with our lady friends, and probably never expected this turn of events.  I attached the smallest of all the dildos, a comfortable, flexible, and slender black one.   I propped his lower back up with some nice comfy pillows, poured copious amounts of lube all over my shiny ‘cock’ and his tight ass, and positioned the tip against his pink pucker.  When I confirmed he was still OK, I slid it in, slowly and carefully.

My extra care quickly became unnecessary.  The strap-on is not very large and after several long strokes, I had it buried to the hilt.  In no time, he took it all and was moaning like a total man-slut.   Once we got into a rhythm, I stroked his cock as I fucked him with mine, and he was hard as stone!  With my other hand, I alternated teasing his nipples and scratching his tight ball sack, both of which drive him absolutely to the edge!  He lifted his legs up even higher, giving me an amazing view as I gently fucked his tight little asshole.

It was really hot – his animalistic moans of pleasure, his hard cock throbbing in my hand, and my glistening dildo penetrating him with ease…sometimes slowly, sometimes faster.   I edged him to the brink of orgasm a few times, but didn’t let him come…not yet.


I was getting equally aroused, feeling my clit swell along with those familiar tingles that signal my juices are now gushing.  I moved my right hand underneath my harness and quickly found my hard little button.  Slowly rubbing myself added to the wonderful pressure I already felt every time I pushed into him, in perfect synchronization with each of his soft rhythmic grunts.

From beginning to end, we stared into each other’s eyes, allowing our deep loving bond to engulf us, as we shared this new experience.  He saw the pleasure in my face as I massaged my pussy underneath the harness, and I saw the same in his as I stroked him inside and out.  These looks we exchange are never forgotten, as they inextricably connect us in the most intimate and amazing way.

I came first, screaming loudly as I usually do, almost violently, and I kept fucking him.  Returning my now-soaked hand to his super sensitive nipples and smearing my juices all over them, I wildly jerked his cock with zero abandon.  He was writhing with pleasure, and we both knew it wouldn’t be long, as he was already on the edge during my climax.

With a guttural cry, cum spurted out of his cock and covered his stomach in thick white ropes.  I kept fucking and stroking him through his entire orgasm, feeling him pulse inside and out.

Whew… now completely drained, we are spent, relaxed, grateful, and glowing.  Softly holding his slowly retreating cock, I gently remove the slick dildo.  The remainder of his creamy load still oozing, I can’t help but admire his glistening cock.  I simply can’t resist, so I wrap my lips around his head for a taste of his delicious cum.  He always seems to taste even sweeter than the last time.



Published October 22, 2016 by Krystal Minx

I adore sunshine and warm weather. The sun feels so sensual on my body, and I can’t get enough.

img_8664 As most of you know, I love being naked and always sunbathe nude. We are empty-nesters with a private yard which makes this so natural for me.
img_8661-1As the rays of sun warm my breasts and pussy, small beads of sweat accumulate in all the right places.

When the breeze picks up, its evaporation tickles my skin and hardens my nipples. The sun is so delicious, and the heat on my skin is absolutely intoxicating.

Eyes closed, my mind drifts to sex and in this heat my pussy quickly becomes slick with erotic thoughts. As the cool breeze hits my nipples and my hands wander to my boobs.  I begin rolling my taut buds, gently twisting them until they are hard, sending tingles directly to my pussy.

Feeling more and more turned on, one hand slides down my belly, to my mound. I rub it softly and squeeze my lips together until my clit swells between them.

img_8662Parting my legs slightly, I let out a small gasp as I dip a finger inside, drawing my slippery juices up to my magic button. I gently circle my clit and another moan escapes my mouth, as my other hand rubs my nipples more vigorously.

img_8660Building quickly, I feverishly rub my clit with a solid agenda now, my mind replays the events from that same morning… my hubby’s thick cock slamming into my tight pussy, tapping my uterus and driving me insane with desire.

img_8659As I feel my climax approaching, my hips instinctively buck upward and back.  I know my O is imminent and can’t wait to explode with pleasure, but I hold back as long as possible because I am not ready for this feeling to end.

img_8657And then it was upon me, I could resist no longer…my head shot back and my body arched from my hips to my neck.  I trembled uncontrollably as my orgasm crashed over me and I shrieked aloud in pure bliss with each wave.

img_8658The multiple sensations of sun-kissed skin, a crisp breeze, an arousing memory, and my probing fingers, combined to ignite the explosive orgasm within me.  My entire body quivered in delight as the spasms slowly faded, my glistening fingers slipped away and my hand fell to my side. Completely spent, I was very aware of my breathing and heart rate slowing back to normal, and my entire body savored the afterglow of another wild release.

I love the exquisite pleasure of Masturbation Monday!


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