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Published June 30, 2018 by Krystal Minx

After a hot day of home projects, finally cleaned up and cooled off, lights out, and time to unwind.

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Best Morning

Published June 23, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Taking a break from home projects to spend the entire morning in bed… and even some of the afternoon 🙂 🙂

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Published June 17, 2018 by Krystal Minx

I originally intended to take just a couple weeks away from #SinfulSunday in order to finish up wedding plans, get married, and take our honeymoon.  Well, a couple weeks turned into more like six…yikes!


After returning home I got sick for about a week, and there was the usual recovery from traveling (unpacking, laundry, and much needed rest).  That quickly turned into the need to feel progress around our house with more home improvement projects (painting, electrical, wood working, organization, etc.).  Fortunately, Mr Minx and I love working on projects together, so this work is always welcome.  (fyi, some fun pics of those projects will be coming soon)

I have missed participating with and viewing all the wonderful sinners each weekend, so this is my chance to catch up and get back in the groove.

Aaaahhhhh, time to relax and soak up some sun!

After Mr Minx has his “snack” it was my turn to take in all his yummy-ness!

(and my turn to get behind the camera)

I think the pool bar is calling my name 🙂

All those free drinks gave me the liquid courage I needed to pose for Mr Minx at the end of our hotel hallway.

An afternoon siesta, after an amazing afternoon delight!

Our last day, packing up, and getting dressed to head to the airport.

We are now married, I am officially MRS Minx,

and we are proud to be MARRIED AF !!!!



Published April 28, 2018 by Krystal Minx

I rarely take a selfie because am fortunate to have my own personal paparazzi in Mr Minx.  I truly appreciate all of his awesome creativity and diligence.  Last night we went for a night out of good food/drink and live music.  When we arrived home, I changed into something more comfy (one of my big roomy men’s dress shirts from my colorful colletion), and something moved me to take some selfies for him.  Of course it took over a dozen shots to get a few I was content with.  I love all he does for me (in every way) and wanted to show my appreciation.  — This morning, we are sharing with you.

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Just a Peek into my …

Published April 21, 2018 by Krystal Minx


Since I repainted our master bedroom a while back, the closet doors are still waiting to be hung.  While I have the easiest access, this was the perfect time to get organized….and as usual, my paparazzi was there to capture the moment.

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Published April 14, 2018 by Krystal Minx

No, not that kind!

(…but I love that your mind went there 🙂 )

Our “new” dresser needed a pretty good overhaul… top to bottom cleaning, replacement parts, and hardware adjustments.  I love turning a piece from “it’s OK” into “I love it!”   – –  Being handy brings me great joy…. and, as you may already know, giving one too 😉

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Just Foolin’ Around

Published March 24, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Always Havin’ Fun!

My pal Kermie is far more modest than I am, but at least he’s super comfortable in front of the camera …. Say Cheese!

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