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Midnight Maintenance

Published August 18, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Being the night owls that we are, there is always activity in our home at the midnight hour…this week it was more home maintenance and repairs.

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My Bubble

Published July 22, 2018 by Krystal Minx


If you’ve ever done any home improvements in your home, you know how much dust is generated and that it travels into the rooms you don’t even believe it can reach.  Being a stickler for the prep work involved in any project, I was determined to contain as much of the mess as possible.  Since my project involved sanding, I would be creating lots of fine powdery dust, so I put up sheets of plastic to conceal my work area.  The one thing I didn’t plan on was the fact that I was now isolated from the air conditioning, and with outdoor temps reaching 100+F, my working “bubble” became sweltering.  As you can see, Mr Minx took full advantage of this opportunity for a photo shoot.

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Nerd Pride

Published July 14, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Qualities of a Nerd:

•  love of learning/knowledge

•  quirky likes/dislikes/personality

•  obsessive characteristics/behaviors

In my youth, I would have shied away from admitting to any definition of nerd, just wanting to be normal.  Over the years, I have grown into my nerdy traits and learned to embrace them all…no longer wanting to be “normal,” recognizing & accepting my own uniqueness, and finally content to be me.

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Keeping Cool….Wet and Cool

Published July 8, 2018 by Krystal Minx

When the heat gets to be too much, it’s time for another cool shower.

I thought this picture was interesting because every reflection from our bathroom (including MrMinx in the center) seemed to add a little special depth to this image!

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