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Fingered While Fingering

Published July 13, 2017 by Krystal Minx

This week’s KOTW topic is special to me, especially in my current condition.  Due to my constant pain, I am on a daily regimen of pain and nerve blockers until my surgery provides more permanent relief.  While these opioids help deaden my senses allowing me to somewhat cope day to day, they also have the unfortunate side effect of deadening my sexual sensations too.

I’m still horny and LOVE having sex several times each day…all kinds…but reaching orgasm while taking these meds has become quite the challenge.  Mr Minx and I can make it happen, individually and together, but it’s not consistent and definitely not easy.  Thinking about sex and orgasms each day now comes with some frustration for me.

My favorite way to cum is to start by getting Mr Minx all worked up as I suck him until he’s nice and rigid, while I feel his sexy stubble and talented tongue between my legs, saturating his face with my musky, salty, wetness.  I love to feel his tongue dance on my clit while his fingers explore all around, until I reach the point I must have him inside me.

As he slides his manhood completely into my swollen pussy with one long thrust, Mr Minx can again feel how very wet I am.  This one long push is unusual for us as I seem to be tighter than most women my age.  With his superior girth, it typically takes some time to work him all the way in, but not when he’s made me this wet.  He drives himself into me and withdraws slowly, thrusting again and again, as I smell my sweet scent all over his face.

His breathing grows heavier, in concert with his increasing pace.  Our hips move in sync, creating waves up through my breasts, until those waves hit their limit and reverse directions again and again.  Soon we are biting each other’s lips and neck, sweating from this most pleasurable of aerobic exercise.  Whispering sexy love notes to each other quickly turns into loud exclamations of pure pleasure and passion, and no longer having any concern for the open window to our many neighbors.  Above me, he throws his head back…grits his teeth…buries his entire abundant length with that one final thrust and I dig my nails into his ass.  I feel him bottom out on my cervix…he arches his back, presenting that glorious sexy chest before my eyes, and fills me with pulse after pulse of creamy goodness as I feel his entire body convulsing to my core.  Words are no longer, only moans and grunts of delight.

After his orgasm subsides, he rolls off gently and nestles under my right arm as my well-lubricated canal attempts to recover from his assault.  While he languishes in that post orgasmic, blissful state, I remain consumed by the effects his magical tongue, mystical fingers, and talented cock have on me, and I am sufficiently primed.  In addition to my own gushing juices, his creamy load commingles, resulting in the best lube on earth.  My heart rate is still elevated and I dip my finger into my now tender succulent folds.

My touch is very light at first, easing into the sweet spot…almost a tickle, but just enough not to be.  Dripping wet, I briefly slide my finger inside again to draw out our magical mixture up to my erect clit, straining now for more attention.  My finger traces a few light circles around my taught bud as Mr Minx begins to stir from my activity.  He knows what I like and while still half-comatose, he reaches with both hands for my body.

His left hand finds my nipples, alternating between them until settling on my left, which is a direct conduit to my inner loins.  I don’t know why, but my nipples have always enhanced the feelings in my pussy, and as I near climax the more they are twisted, tugged, and cranked on, the greater the intensity of my orgasm.  Right before the magical moment, I sometimes derive pleasure from some good old-fashioned biting…mmm.

As he works my nipple hard, his spare hand found its way down to my other magical areas.  Avoiding my finger working my clit, he immediately found my slippery essence leaving a trail to the sheets below me.  I turned my head toward him, to kiss him deeply, as these sensations overwhelm my whole body, once again savoring my taste on his lips.

With my essence in hand (literally) he slid his thick fingers inside, stroking the roof of my pussy.  Automatically, this triggered an increased speed of my fingers and the combination of our actions ramped everything up to a whole new level.  As my head tipped back and louder moans escaped my lips, he took another finger lower…further…to press against my ass.

This full on barrage of sensations to my many erogenous zones was enough to make any woman scream, and thankfully override the dulling sensation that these horrid, yet necessary, drugs apply to my brain.  As he worked my tits, his magic hands worked their enchantment on my pussy and ass, and I frantically rubbed my button, working toward that final sprint closer and closer to the release that I needed so desperately by now.

His thumb was completely enveloped by my cunt and his middle finger slipped easily in and out of my ass as I felt those welcomed tingles build to the point of no return.  Our combined juices were now flowing full force from me, providing a slickness unavailable with any commercial product.  He talks dirty to me as his fingers never stop and mine increase their speed.

Although flat on my back, I began thrusting my hips upward toward an imaginary phallus, arching my back and thrusting into our fingers as much as I could.  He reads me well, and goes even deeper with both fingers all the time never forgetting to keep pinching and twisting my nipples as hard as he can.  I scream as my fingers add to the symphony of sensations, reaching their height, pulling me over the top for that release I could no longer do without.

The massive build up of waves crash over me vigorously, again and again, as all our fingers continue their rapid pace on my hypersensitive parts.  As my convulsions subside, so does the fingering.  My hand falls by my side and his slips softly out, his other hand now gently caresses my breasts.  Lying motionless, our souls connected as one, heartbeats are the only sound to be heard.

His fingers and mine are magical of their own accord, and together they can overcome the utmost of hurdles.  This continues to be my favorite way to cum.



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