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Hiiiyyyy-Yyyaahhhh !!!!!

Published June 15, 2019 by Krystal Minx

Behind Piggy’s eyes, is a karate chop in the making – LOL

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Life Imitates Art

Published June 8, 2019 by Krystal Minx

This decal on my closet door is a new addition to our bedroom (part of my anniversary gift from Mr Minx) and he finally got me to stop moving long enough for a couple pics.  I couldn’t make up my mind which shot to post, so decided on both and thought I’d ask your opinion.  Your thoughts?

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Anything but Blue

Published May 25, 2019 by Krystal Minx

We recently returned from vacation and were anything but blue… happy to get away and just as happy to be home…SO, we celebrated our homecoming in the very best way ❤

(btw, in case it isn’t obvious, we love BLUE)

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Vacation Fun

Published May 13, 2019 by Krystal Minx

It’s no surprise that Mr Minx and I enjoy sharing people with each other. It’s a part of our rich and fulfilling sexuality, and we’ve been doing it for the better part of the last ten years or so. I bring home sexy women to share with him, and he finds great guys to share with me. Mind you, this doesn’t happen frequently, as we are both very discerning creatures, and we always meet and get to know our ‘partners’ before hand. Neither of us have ever been one-night-stand kind of folks but with the right person at the right time, when everything clicks, it’s magical for all of us!

As you know, I’m bisexual, so this experience is very different depending on who we end up bringing home. Mr Minx is straight, but very heteroflexible to accommodate me…he’s not afraid of ‘crossing swords’ or letting a bisexual man pleasure him while kissing me, or playing with my tits as I watch our guest do his thing…it’s quite a turn on for me just to see this happen! I love holding him close while he cums down another man’s throat, and he sure doesn’t mind this either, especially when I kiss him deeply and dig my fingernails into his balls just so as it happens!

As hot as this can be, more often we are sharing another woman as this seems to work better all around for each of us. And, when she is bisexual too, then sparks really fly…WOW! When that’s the case, everyone is into everyone else, and all the parts fit so seamlessly into each other. It’s pure magic!

The rarest of all is when we stumble across another sexy straight guy, who we both have really good feelings about. I have to like him, of course, and feel that mutual chemistry ‘spark’ while Mr Minx has to know that he’s a good guy who is truly into sharing and giving and not just all about getting his own relief. After all, in this situation, it’s all about the two of them sharing and focusing on me! While we share sexy pillow talk about this scenario all the time, it rarely happens at home just because of availability and statistics and our general way of interacting with others during our typical day to day activities.

When partying in Vegas or traveling to other spots across our globe, it’s another story entirely. In these locales, fun takes center stage and we loosen our standards just a bit. We still have to all really click, and enjoy the ‘hunt’ of it, so to speak, as we get to know someone over drinks or dinner or during a tour-filled day. It’s kind of like dating, on steroids, with both of us engaging together. As I said, it’s rare, but when it happens, it’s magical and amazing for all of us, which is always our goal!

One such time just happened last night, in a cute little bar on the edge of Cabo San Lucas. Mr Minx and I are here celebrating our anniversary, and were out enjoying icy cold margaritas and dancing to classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s – the DJ was amazing and playing all our favorites…Duran Duran…Journey…Styx…Foreigner…REO Speedwagon. I was in a short skirt and low cut top that my hunny bought me for my last birthday and we were both living in the moment, really squeezing life for all it’s worth.

Naturally, others were also enjoying the show I was providing for my life partner. I’m not an exhibitionist per se but we both enjoy dressing sexy and flirting with each other and this has kept things spicy for us over the past 10+ years. When the vibe feels right, we occasionally flirt with others around us in the same way, as it lends an added sexy feeling to the night. A beaming smile here, a sexy wink there, a slight bend to reveal just a touch more cleavage, this teasing ritual we do with each other has led to countless sexy nights, usually ending in a very hot session for us. This time was a bit different, in a very good way.

While on the dance floor, we engaged with a cute younger guy who had a smile like no other and we got to chatting and getting to know him. He had a magnetic, friendly way about him and we soon learned that he was there fresh out of college and enjoying some personal time before plunging into the workforce full time. He was just shy of 30 and refreshingly very mature and wise. Older than most college grads, he had a later start in life taking part time classes while working to fund his own way. His intellect and humor were engaging and definitely scored with both of us.

Many drinks and convos later, we ended up walking on the beach together after last call and discovered we are staying at the same resort, and only a few rooms away from each other. Our anniversary came up again, and as he congratulated us, we all stopped and Mr Minx and I shared a tight hug and kiss. As we did so, we looked into each other’s eyes and shared that look which was a clear unspoken message between us that conveyed we were both OK with where this was heading.

Minutes later, we were all in our room, and I was quickly naked. It’s amazing how fast a skirt and blouse can come off when the mood is right, and I slipped on my complementary hotel robe not bothering to tie it. Our guest’s stunned look faded as I kissed him for the first time, and after he nervously looked at Mr Minx, he saw a comforting smile in return and then knew what we already did.

The two beautiful men each took one of my hands and led me towards the bed in the center of the large room and I began to feel very aware of my nudity as my robe slipped off my shoulders. I relaxed as they eased me onto the bed, flat on my stomach, as one started to massage my back while the other began at my feet.

Their hands felt amazing as they worked my body, and I couldn’t help to become aroused. My breasts felt full as I lay on them, and my nipples hardened under the pressure against the smooth sheets. I started moaning with sheer ecstasy from their attentive hands and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as their hands began to stray.

The one massaging my back extended his range, his fingers reaching further down the sides of my body with each stroke, now brushing both sides of my breasts. Each caress sent electricity through me, making my nipples swell even further. The other moved upwards, tracing a lazy path up my calves and across my inner thighs. My eyes were still closed, so I wasn’t certain who was where, and just as his fingers were beginning to brush the damp entrance of my pussy, they both stopped.

Before I could speak, two pairs of hands slid under me and rolled me over. Opening my eyes in the dim light, I saw two smiling faces before the men dropped to their knees and began kissing me all over. They moved as one and quickly focused on my tits…the sensation of their mouths on both my nipples was exquisite, as this has always been a top erogenous zone for me.

While their hungry mouths performed magic, I felt wandering fingers on my thighs, followed by one of their tongues to lap at my aroused flesh. More than primed, I arched my back and cried out in pleasure as their mouths worked together to satisfy me. A tingling sensation raced through me as I spread my legs further apart, and screamed out loud as the first orgasmic wave filled my body. I’ve never been quiet during sex, and when on vacation I tend to really let go.

As I recovered and closed my eyes once again, I felt the bed move as they both shifted positions. A mouth pressed to my lips and I parted them to welcome a probing tongue, and tasted myself as we kissed. I inhaled deeply as a finger slipped inside me, soon joined by a second, and together they began to thrust while a thumb played with my now sensitive clit.

These feelings became more intense when both my nipples were pinched hard with a firm, unyielding grip – I recognized this move and knew Mr Minx was orchestrating what he knew I liked, having them twisted and pulled on the verge of being painful, sending electric shocks through my entire body. My nipples have always been connected to my pussy in this way, and when I’m sufficiently aroused, they act as a direct link to each orgasm. Their grip relaxed and two hands began to massage my breasts in time to the thrusts of the fingers inside me. I surrendered to these sensations, filled with pleasure as both of them played with my body.

Nearly breathless, I lay still while they moved around me once again. Hands under my shoulders and waist eased me to the edge of the bed, my head now hanging half over the side. My knees were raised and separated, followed by a hard cock softly pressing against my smooth and saturated pussy lips.

I could feel the thickness as he slowly entered me, stretching me wide and filling me completely. I gasped, my open mouth rewarded with another thick cock being fed into my mouth. They fucked me with synchronised movements, thrusting into me from opposite ends. Overwhelmed with all this attention, another orgasm took over me and they both withdrew after I came, choosing not to finish in me.

I opened my eyes again, and saw that both men had their aroused cocks in their hands, and were slowly stroking themselves on either side of me. I’ve always enjoyed watching a man masturbate, and to see two of them doing this together was an amazing sight. I reached out and played with both of their balls as they gradually increased their pace until their hands became a blur.

I caught myself holding my breath as they collectively slowed, paused and then climaxed as one, spraying me with thick ropes of hot slippery cum on my tits and face, as I tried to catch what I could in my mouth. I couldn’t smile any larger as they collapsed on each side of me with this perfect ending to a perfect day.

We drifted off to sleep together, filling that large king bed, and woke to the sunrise several hours later. We cleaned up, dressed, and all went to have breakfast. We also made plans to meet later tonight in the disco once again!


Published May 4, 2019 by Krystal Minx

Being my worst critic, I almost didn’t post anything for this month’s prompt, but Mr Minx can be ever so creative.   Taking images that he always liked, and I disapproved at first go around, he found a clever way to use some of my “unacceptable” shots, and change my mind.

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