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Published March 3, 2018 by Krystal Minx

ONE sexy Mister, TWO bouncy boobs, Rule of THIRDs

This is a common vision of me from Mr Minx’s perspective.  Almost every  morning as I get up, I catch my own irrisistable glimpse of his nakedness among the warm sheets.  I love how he kicks the sheets aside first thing, allowing the cool air to settle on his skin.   –  That first vision of him each morning stops me in my tracks, I pause to savor that mental snapshot, and uncontrollably reach for him.  No matter how many mornings we share, it never fails to take me by surprise ❤

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One of my favorite colors

Published February 18, 2018 by Krystal Minx

It’s not purple, but it’s still a favorite.

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These boots were made for ….

Published February 15, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Loving my new gray boots (they match my gray shirt, gray socks, gray panties, gray bed quilt, gray couch, and our newly painted gray bedroom walls).  Did I mention all the shades and textures of gray that I love?!

I have several pairs of boots, and love them all.  The firmness of the leather…the unique musky scent…the soft, tanned feel…the support they provide – it all works together to make me feel extra confident and sensual every time I put them on.  I love seeing them on others too, and while my sensory responses are different, the overall effect is the same.

These boots are my newest pair, just acquired in a small Italian shop during my recent Mediterranean cruise.  We went into the shop for Mr Minx, as a super snazzy pair of dress shoes caught my eye that would look perfect on him, but once inside, these gray boots jumped out at me and I had to try them on.  Once Mr Minx shared how hot he thought they looked under my tight, dark jeans, I had to bring them home with me.

And, FYI, the picture of me on the bed in full boots/socks with no pants was right before we had very hot sex…with my new boots on and his new shoes on him too.  It was epic!

…btw, these boots were made for… #kinkoftheweek and #febphotofest plus all of the other things your imagination brings to mind 🙂

His View X 2

Published August 12, 2017 by Krystal Minx

I love seeing things from his perspective….

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In my Element

Published August 6, 2017 by Krystal Minx

Kleaning + naKed = Krystal

(both make me feel great + luckily mr minx caught me doing both on the STAIRS last month = this weeks theme pic)

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