About Krystal


Since my early twenties, I thought I might have an attraction to women.  I don’t know when this revelation happens for other bisexual women, but for me it was at a concert (while I was married to my first husband).  I always knew that I appreciated a beautiful woman, but it wasn’t until that concert, when I saw those two female silhouettes behind the screen undressing each other.  The images were scintillating; tingles ran through me from head to toe, and I don’t think I’d ever been wetter (especially without the touch of another).  To this day, when I hear that song, those images fill my head and I recall that very moment… I just KNEW.


It wasn’t until 13 or so years later that I was able to act upon my bi desires with a girlfriend of mine.  She was my first experience with a woman, and I was fortunate to be with her intimately a handful of times.  Unfortunately she moved away, bringing our sexy play times to an end.  After her, I longed to touch a woman again, but it would be a lengthy wait.


It wouldn’t be for almost another 12 years that I had my next opportunity, when I found myself falling for my gay girlfriend.  My lucky moment followed a hot summer night of live music and dancing with her.  We went for a walk on the beach to cool off, and in the midst of lots of laughter and friendly touches, she surprised me with a sensual kiss.  I was blown away, and returned her desires with my own.  From that night on we found every excuse to sneak away, for just a quick kiss or sometimes much more (many times to that very same beach).  Our steamy love affair lasted several months and was passionate and intense.  It helped me discover my true self, and I’m happy she is still my friend today.


As I was finalizing my divorce from my first husband, I met a married couple that quickly became my best friends in the world.  Our bond grew rapidly through friendship and support, taking on a life of its own, and before our very eyes we began falling for each other.  Becoming lovers with a married couple, I honestly thought I was crazy.  Thankfully my new loves were thinking outside the box (not something I was used to, from my past) and presented me with the “possible” as they took all my worries away.  We spent a dreamy seven years living together as a triad (just like any other married couple, yet we were a throuple).

Today I am with my one true soul mate, Jay (aka Mr. Minx).  Never before has there been someone that “gets me” like he does.  Everything we do together is a joy in sharing.  He brings out the very best in me, in ways I never knew I had within.  He discovered the “Minx” inside of me that I never would have found on my own.  My life journey now has a foundation to last a lifetime, and I look forward to every moment along the way.

When LOVE and SEX are this Mind Blowing, I just have to share  🙂

Krystal, the “Bisexual Minx,” is a product of our connection and all that we can do together.


13 comments on “About Krystal

  • This story is inspiring and it’s wonderful that you and Mr. Minx have built this level of trust together. (Plus, throuple is such a fantastic word). We’ll have to figure a way to use it soon, LOL.

    Amelie & Mark

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read my “about” page. I know, for me, it is important to know more about people in order to find a connection; so I appreciate it when others do the same.
      Mr. Minx and I have a connection/bond/trust and love that is so unique it is difficult to put into words, it’s quite uncanny. Thank you for your kind comments.

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  • Really enjoy both of you. I wrote to MrK about the fantastic video clip of his ejaculation while in your bum. It puts all other so-called “cum shots” to shame. Genuine like everything about you two seems to be.

    SO glad you let him get you over your horrid experience with anal. It became a great favorite of my late wife and me for many of our 40 years before she passed.

    May you two have ten times your 7 years enjoying each other e dry way and every day. I’ll pray that the big meno-p doesn’t give you a reduced libido or other fun spoilers.. Seems to have almost zero impact on some ladies and a horrid one on others. With 25 plus years since your “early twenties” the onset of that curse Is not too far into your future.

    Hope you’ll be as candid about that as you have been about all else. Reading your writings augmented by his photos is a real treat

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