So Far So Good

Published October 16, 2021 by Krystal Minx


Due to the complexity and enormity of my procedure 🥼🩺, I spent four days in the hospital afterward to ensure everything was going according to plan.  Anyone spending time there knows that it’s not much fun, being poked and prodded every hour around the clock, and *not* in a good way!  Although my honey visited me frequently, this is the first time we’ve slept without each other, and that was definitely NO fun…I missed his comforting presence every single night🌙.  I’m home now, resting comfortably with my love, and with the aid of a specially-designed brace, I’m walking several miles each day. 👟

No bending, no squatting, no lifting, and no sex (yet – arrrgh! 😠), but my spirits are high and I’m feeling great, considering all.  Mr Minx has been amazing, doing *everything* for me, way above and beyond the call of duty.   He’s even given me a few ‘tongue baths’ to, as he says, ensure that truly ALL my systems are fully functioning as designed.  He’s such a dream!  💜

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My L Word

Published October 2, 2021 by Krystal Minx

LUMBAR SURGERY – a charm indeed!


Next week, I’m having surgery once again on my back.  My longtime followers might recall my FIRST and SECOND surgeries, and the effects pain meds had on me, but this one will be very different as they will be physically destroying the failed joint and fusing my vertebrae together with screws, pins, and a titanium cage!  It’s an intense, two-part surgery, with two different surgeons and two different teams, and the first part entails going in through my belly — that’s right, going in from the front to work on my spine!  YIKES!  I’ve been in pain off and on for years now, and heading into this procedure with very mixed emotions.

Of course, there are the typical ‘going in for an operation’ concerns…effects of the anesthesia, the possibility of nerve damage, physical pain of recovery and healing, and of course the resultant scars.  Oh yeah, and the (remote) possibility of never walking again if the doc sneezes while doing his thing!

Been there, done that with the previous back (and other) surgeries that I’ve had.  I have faith in science and the skill of these professionals, so my trepidation for the above is minor compared to my primary concern, which is the ability to regain an active, robust and fulfilling life, including lots more hot, wild and satisfying sex!

My longtime followers also know that my current marriage couldn’t be any more perfect and has opened my eyes to an entire new world of excitement, both in and out of the bedroom.  For the past decade, we’ve traveled the world and enjoyed ALL that life has to offer, eating, drinking, dancing, you name it.  We are two peas-in-a-pod and mesh like the gecko’s reptilian ‘fingers’ in the latest GEICO commercial – ZHHHUUUPPE!

This includes our FANTASTIC sex life and I want that to never go away!  My chronic back pain has unfortunately impacted some of the ways that we enjoy sex, and I’m counting on this surgery to improve and restore that.  As most of you know, sex is an important part of intimacy and one’s self-image — when I don’t feel like my normal self, the fear of hurting myself (or Mr Minx’s fear of hurting me) inhibits the spontaneity that we have always enjoyed.  Sex on the kitchen floor or in the shower, an impromptu blowjob in the car while driving or in a dive bar’s bathroom stall, or a quicky masturbation sesh in a department store’s changing room have all recently fell off the table of options and I want them back!  (See what I did there?!)

As debilitating as this has been, we still have a fair amount of pretty awesome sex.  Mr Minx goes down on me almost every day, which is always incredible, and we enjoy lots of side-by-side spooning with him entering me from behind.  He also gets on top a couple times each week, after I get some pain meds flowing through my system.  This gets us by, but I’m counting on this surgery to get my whoopee back!

I want to once again be able to get on top of him, and also get on my knees to feel him pounding me deep and hard from behind!  And, speaking of my knees, I want the ability to give him those glorious blowjobs that he deserves any time and any place!

Here’s hoping that this THIRD TIME is definitely my charm!

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Published September 11, 2021 by Krystal Minx

The nerd in me loves when the words coming out of my mouth beat my brain to the punch, combining the two words that are in my mind into one fun word.  In this case, it was my fingers that got ahead of me…and I decided to let it fly.  I find joy in the weirdest little things 💙


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Published September 4, 2021 by Krystal Minx

🎵 And I sense a rhythm humming in a frenzy

🎵 All the way down her spine

🎵 Girls on film

🎵 Girls on Film

🎵 Girls on Film


🎞️ GIRLS ON FILM was where it all began for me. . . and those lyrics could not be more fitting.  I was in my early 20’s at a Duran Duran concert when this song started.  The band was hidden by a large white sheet, and all you could see was the silhouette of two sexy women undressing each other.  My heart❤️ began to race and I didn’t yet really know why.  As my temperature was rising🌡️🔥 I felt like my entire body was blushing, tingles⚡ ran from my fingers to my toes, all the while I noticed myself getting 💧wetter💧💧 by the second. – Those lyrics with that sensual visual ignited something in me that I never knew existed before that night . . .
I am attracted to women . . . I am bisexual💜❤️💙

I didn’t act on my feelings until almost fifteen years later, and to this day I know that DURAN DURAN and GIRLS ON FILM are responsible for helping me discover my true sexual self 💕


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