Krystal’s Kontraption

Published June 20, 2021 by Krystal Minx

Our DIY formula involves thinking outside the box and just might include a mirror and a car jack . . . we make things happen!  😉

BSMdiymasterbath (1)

BSMdiymasterbath (2)

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Date Night Exposure

Published June 5, 2021 by Krystal Minx

As we begin our night out, I give hubby a preview of what’s to come !!


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Our Morning Light

Published April 24, 2021 by Krystal Minx

Don’t be fooled… ☀️ this may have been the first light of the day for us, but it was most definitely NOT in the morning.  I absolutely love the days we sleep away the entire a.m. and welcome the afternoon in the very best way! 💜

Let the day begin! 💕

BSMmorninglight (1)

BSMmorninglight (2)

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Hurt So Good

Published March 13, 2021 by Krystal Minx

Truth be told, I’ve been better.  Physical health.  Mental acuity.  Sexuality.  All of it, far from ideal.  Over the holidays, my back went out again, and has gotten steadily worse.  My long-time followers may recall that just over three years ago, I had similar issues and ended up with surgery to correct it.   I blogged about how the pain/meds affected me then, but this time it was so much worse!

Life said, “I’ll see your pandemic and raise you a debilitating health issue” and boy did it ever.  This was way worse than before and emptied my sails with rapid abandonment.  The last couple of weeks were pure hell, in and out of emergency rooms, popping opioids like gumdrops seeking any relief possible.  The slightest movement caused searing pain to radiate through my lower body, and urgent imaging scans, bloodwork, and COVID tests took this to a whole new level.  Needless to say, my typically exuberant sex life came to a screeching halt, as did my blogging and tweeting.

Finally, the pieces fell into place and I had surgery number two.  Other than the expected pain from muscles being cut and stretched, the crippling nerve pain was gone from the moment I opened my eyes in recovery!  I felt better than I have in months, and couldn’t wait to get my life going once again.

Getting in and out of bed had become impossible, so I hadn’t slept with Mr Minx in weeks, instead opting for the more accommodating living room recliner.  The first night back from surgery we cuddled carefully in bed, and it was so comforting and amazing.  The very next morning I woke Jay with his first hand job in weeks!  It felt so good to have enough mobility to touch him again, even though we both knew baby steps were key.

He rubbed me too, slipping a couple fingers inside me while I stroked him, and as great as that felt, we both knew that weeks of neuropathic suppressors taken for the pain also blocked any chance of an orgasm.  The next morning, I stroked him again, and on the third, positioned myself carefully to take him into my mouth until I got his wonderful prize – yum!  Wow, did I miss this!

After swallowing every delicious drop, he turned his attention back to me.  Although I still wasn’t firing on all cylinders, tasting him once again sure had made me wet and his fingers slipped inside of me effortlessly.  My moans told him that my ‘special’ synapses began to fire, and he responded by replacing his fingers with his tongue.   OHH MYY…THIS IS WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!

We hadn’t had regular sex in nearly a month, and now his tongue was dancing perfectly across my pussy.  As my arousal grew to the tingles I knew I needed, I was equally concerned about what a body-shaking climax might do to my recovering soul.  I wasn’t sure if I should continue, but I also couldn’t bring myself to stop.  Building and building, closer and closer….he knew just what I needed…no turning back now.

Then, it happened — the most wonderful mix of pleasure and pain raining down like the ubiquitous ton of bricks.  Waves of euphoria rushed over me while wounded muscles spasmed and clenched.   It was something I’ve never quite experienced, and HURT SO GOOD!

The pleasure subsided first, the pain lingered then faded, and my entire body went completely limp.  He moved behind me and held me close, spooning as we both drifted back to sleep.  I still have a long road to recovery, but I can say with confidence that the surgery once again was a success!

Today . . . it is extra satisfying to be back with all my fellow Sunday Sinners 💋

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