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Vacation Fun

Published May 13, 2019 by Krystal Minx

It’s no surprise that Mr Minx and I enjoy sharing people with each other. It’s a part of our rich and fulfilling sexuality, and we’ve been doing it for the better part of the last ten years or so. I bring home sexy women to share with him, and he finds great guys to share with me. Mind you, this doesn’t happen frequently, as we are both very discerning creatures, and we always meet and get to know our ‘partners’ before hand. Neither of us have ever been one-night-stand kind of folks but with the right person at the right time, when everything clicks, it’s magical for all of us!

As you know, I’m bisexual, so this experience is very different depending on who we end up bringing home. Mr Minx is straight, but very heteroflexible to accommodate me…he’s not afraid of ‘crossing swords’ or letting a bisexual man pleasure him while kissing me, or playing with my tits as I watch our guest do his thing…it’s quite a turn on for me just to see this happen! I love holding him close while he cums down another man’s throat, and he sure doesn’t mind this either, especially when I kiss him deeply and dig my fingernails into his balls just so as it happens!

As hot as this can be, more often we are sharing another woman as this seems to work better all around for each of us. And, when she is bisexual too, then sparks really fly…WOW! When that’s the case, everyone is into everyone else, and all the parts fit so seamlessly into each other. It’s pure magic!

The rarest of all is when we stumble across another sexy straight guy, who we both have really good feelings about. I have to like him, of course, and feel that mutual chemistry ‘spark’ while Mr Minx has to know that he’s a good guy who is truly into sharing and giving and not just all about getting his own relief. After all, in this situation, it’s all about the two of them sharing and focusing on me! While we share sexy pillow talk about this scenario all the time, it rarely happens at home just because of availability and statistics and our general way of interacting with others during our typical day to day activities.

When partying in Vegas or traveling to other spots across our globe, it’s another story entirely. In these locales, fun takes center stage and we loosen our standards just a bit. We still have to all really click, and enjoy the ‘hunt’ of it, so to speak, as we get to know someone over drinks or dinner or during a tour-filled day. It’s kind of like dating, on steroids, with both of us engaging together. As I said, it’s rare, but when it happens, it’s magical and amazing for all of us, which is always our goal!

One such time just happened last night, in a cute little bar on the edge of Cabo San Lucas. Mr Minx and I are here celebrating our anniversary, and were out enjoying icy cold margaritas and dancing to classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s – the DJ was amazing and playing all our favorites…Duran Duran…Journey…Styx…Foreigner…REO Speedwagon. I was in a short skirt and low cut top that my hunny bought me for my last birthday and we were both living in the moment, really squeezing life for all it’s worth.

Naturally, others were also enjoying the show I was providing for my life partner. I’m not an exhibitionist per se but we both enjoy dressing sexy and flirting with each other and this has kept things spicy for us over the past 10+ years. When the vibe feels right, we occasionally flirt with others around us in the same way, as it lends an added sexy feeling to the night. A beaming smile here, a sexy wink there, a slight bend to reveal just a touch more cleavage, this teasing ritual we do with each other has led to countless sexy nights, usually ending in a very hot session for us. This time was a bit different, in a very good way.

While on the dance floor, we engaged with a cute younger guy who had a smile like no other and we got to chatting and getting to know him. He had a magnetic, friendly way about him and we soon learned that he was there fresh out of college and enjoying some personal time before plunging into the workforce full time. He was just shy of 30 and refreshingly very mature and wise. Older than most college grads, he had a later start in life taking part time classes while working to fund his own way. His intellect and humor were engaging and definitely scored with both of us.

Many drinks and convos later, we ended up walking on the beach together after last call and discovered we are staying at the same resort, and only a few rooms away from each other. Our anniversary came up again, and as he congratulated us, we all stopped and Mr Minx and I shared a tight hug and kiss. As we did so, we looked into each other’s eyes and shared that look which was a clear unspoken message between us that conveyed we were both OK with where this was heading.

Minutes later, we were all in our room, and I was quickly naked. It’s amazing how fast a skirt and blouse can come off when the mood is right, and I slipped on my complementary hotel robe not bothering to tie it. Our guest’s stunned look faded as I kissed him for the first time, and after he nervously looked at Mr Minx, he saw a comforting smile in return and then knew what we already did.

The two beautiful men each took one of my hands and led me towards the bed in the center of the large room and I began to feel very aware of my nudity as my robe slipped off my shoulders. I relaxed as they eased me onto the bed, flat on my stomach, as one started to massage my back while the other began at my feet.

Their hands felt amazing as they worked my body, and I couldn’t help to become aroused. My breasts felt full as I lay on them, and my nipples hardened under the pressure against the smooth sheets. I started moaning with sheer ecstasy from their attentive hands and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as their hands began to stray.

The one massaging my back extended his range, his fingers reaching further down the sides of my body with each stroke, now brushing both sides of my breasts. Each caress sent electricity through me, making my nipples swell even further. The other moved upwards, tracing a lazy path up my calves and across my inner thighs. My eyes were still closed, so I wasn’t certain who was where, and just as his fingers were beginning to brush the damp entrance of my pussy, they both stopped.

Before I could speak, two pairs of hands slid under me and rolled me over. Opening my eyes in the dim light, I saw two smiling faces before the men dropped to their knees and began kissing me all over. They moved as one and quickly focused on my tits…the sensation of their mouths on both my nipples was exquisite, as this has always been a top erogenous zone for me.

While their hungry mouths performed magic, I felt wandering fingers on my thighs, followed by one of their tongues to lap at my aroused flesh. More than primed, I arched my back and cried out in pleasure as their mouths worked together to satisfy me. A tingling sensation raced through me as I spread my legs further apart, and screamed out loud as the first orgasmic wave filled my body. I’ve never been quiet during sex, and when on vacation I tend to really let go.

As I recovered and closed my eyes once again, I felt the bed move as they both shifted positions. A mouth pressed to my lips and I parted them to welcome a probing tongue, and tasted myself as we kissed. I inhaled deeply as a finger slipped inside me, soon joined by a second, and together they began to thrust while a thumb played with my now sensitive clit.

These feelings became more intense when both my nipples were pinched hard with a firm, unyielding grip – I recognized this move and knew Mr Minx was orchestrating what he knew I liked, having them twisted and pulled on the verge of being painful, sending electric shocks through my entire body. My nipples have always been connected to my pussy in this way, and when I’m sufficiently aroused, they act as a direct link to each orgasm. Their grip relaxed and two hands began to massage my breasts in time to the thrusts of the fingers inside me. I surrendered to these sensations, filled with pleasure as both of them played with my body.

Nearly breathless, I lay still while they moved around me once again. Hands under my shoulders and waist eased me to the edge of the bed, my head now hanging half over the side. My knees were raised and separated, followed by a hard cock softly pressing against my smooth and saturated pussy lips.

I could feel the thickness as he slowly entered me, stretching me wide and filling me completely. I gasped, my open mouth rewarded with another thick cock being fed into my mouth. They fucked me with synchronised movements, thrusting into me from opposite ends. Overwhelmed with all this attention, another orgasm took over me and they both withdrew after I came, choosing not to finish in me.

I opened my eyes again, and saw that both men had their aroused cocks in their hands, and were slowly stroking themselves on either side of me. I’ve always enjoyed watching a man masturbate, and to see two of them doing this together was an amazing sight. I reached out and played with both of their balls as they gradually increased their pace until their hands became a blur.

I caught myself holding my breath as they collectively slowed, paused and then climaxed as one, spraying me with thick ropes of hot slippery cum on my tits and face, as I tried to catch what I could in my mouth. I couldn’t smile any larger as they collapsed on each side of me with this perfect ending to a perfect day.

We drifted off to sleep together, filling that large king bed, and woke to the sunrise several hours later. We cleaned up, dressed, and all went to have breakfast. We also made plans to meet later tonight in the disco once again!

First Time Anal

Published January 15, 2018 by Krystal Minx

Mr Minx and I have an AMAZING sex life…way different and WAY BETTER than each of us had with our previous spouses. His ex almost never wanted sex, and mine only took what he wanted, without ever a second thought on including me in the equation. I was, crudely put, his sperm depository whenever he needed his release, and to make matters worse, he was deluded into thinking real life sex was supposed to be just like what was often depicted in porn.

This included a brief attempt at anal, and of course he had to have it just like his porn-stash idols…without prep, without any lube other than a dribble of saliva, and worse of all, without even considering to engage me sexually or otherwise. Naturally, it hurt like hell, and to add insult to injury, he pouted about how much I wasn’t like all those glam porn girls on screen, eagerly taking him all the way in while constantly moaning for more.

Fast forward a decade later, and Mr Minx is lock step the most caring, giving, and considerate partner I could ever dream for. Not only do we enjoy each other in and out of the bedroom, our desires are almost spot-on synchronized. He is a total giver like me, and both of us care more about the other than we do ourselves, which automatically benefits each of us in the most indirect and wonderful way imaginable.

We aren’t overly kinky when it comes to our bedroom play, but definitely dabble here and there when the location and situation presents itself. We love sex in different rooms, places and positions, including outside and even somewhat public venues when the mood strikes. Being bisexual, we also include others when chemistry flows, and were both in a triad with a third person for many years. That said, anal was one area that we didn’t really approach.

This wasn’t because either of us were opposed to it…and both of us, probably due to our pasts, weren’t really clamoring for it either for whatever reasons. That said, on MANY occasions when MM is buried deep in me from behind as I gripped the bedding for traction, while he slammed into me, he has wedged his thumb into my asshole and alternately fucked both of my holes. Surprisingly, this has ALWAYS felt AHHH-MAZZZING to me, and when combined with the squeaks of the bed, my pre-orgasmic cries of pleasure, and his sexy ‘pillow talk’ about him and another guy filling me up in raw sensual ways, it’s really taken some of our sessions to another whole level.

Since this has been so positive for us, and nothing like I’ve experienced before, I decided to try again the oft-touted, porn-endorsed subject of anal intercourse. I need this – for me – to wipe out my experiences from before to prove that with the right partner, even something like this could be an awesome thing.

In preparation, we started doing more finger play in that area…various positions during regular penetration, and especially nice was when he would give me oral, and stick fingers into both my holes while his tongue delivered its magic to my clit. WOW! The sensations from all those nerve endings being stimulated together always made me cum faster and harder!

After being comfortable with that, we moved onto some toy play periodically, starting with thinner anal beads, and working up slowly to some of my more slender glass dildos. Mixed with plenty of lube, there’s virtually no discomfort at all. Mind you, this process was a slow evolution over months of play, and only happened when both of us felt a desire for this, and more importantly, when my tummy and backside felt up to the task! (Also, as you know, with backside play there’s a lot more involved not only with prep, but cleanup as well, so adding this into the mix brings a bit of additional baggage as well…when your goal is a quickie before sleep, best to steer clear of anal pokage!)

Recently, all I had on was a black lace bra and I was on my knees sucking MM’s cock, something I absolutely LOVE doing. He loves my tits, and with them this close to being bare, he quickly became very hard. I slowly bobbed up and down, while he moaned and watched me intently. What he didn’t know was that I already had inserted a small butt plug into me, one that I’ve been using for awhile to help stretch and get used to. Most of you have seen pictures of MM’s cock, and it’s definitely on the thicker side, which was always a distant concern for this new type of play.

I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top, unhooked my bra and tossed it aside, his gaze never wavering, and then brought my tits down to his face. He turned his head and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth, causing me to groan and push my tit harder against his mouth. He bit down on my nub, putting it between his teeth and pulled on it until it popped back out and then turned to my other tit, doing the same. He moved back and forth from tit to tit, sucking, biting and licking.

I pulled my tits from his wandering mouth and moved up to sit on his face, straddling his head using the headboard as a brace with my very wet pussy hovering over his mouth. He ran his tongue from the bottom of my slit to the top, then back again, occasionally stopping to suck and nibble on my lips. As I raised myself up and away from his face, he now saw the shiny object in my ass. At that moment, we shared one of ‘those’ looks and both knew where this was headed – he could tell exactly what I wanted.

I kneeled next to him and we embraced and passionately kissed, almost as urgently as when we first started. After a few moments we disengaged, and I got down on the bed with my ass in the air while he got the lube from my nightstand. I reached back and pulled my cheeks wide apart and he gently removed the warm metal plug that had been readying his place for him. After some tender kisses and touches, he took the bottle of slippery gel and squirted a liberal amount on my rosebud. He slowly pushed a finger in and I moaned out loud, backing up into him. He slowly fucked my ass and then added a second finger opening my hole even wider.

“That feels really good,” I told him. “I want you in me now!”

He squirted a generous amount of lube on his thick shaft and moved into position for my first ever ‘real’ ass fuck, and I was more than ready. He put the head at my entrance and pushed gently until my hole gave way and his cock began to slide in. This was much different than going into my pussy, which yielded with much less effort. I felt some resistance, but no pain, and as much as I wanted him to just shove his cock right in, we both knew that nice and slow was definitely the way to go. He was being overly cautious and I respected and appreciated him for all his concern, as he paused often, allowing my body to relax and accommodate him.

Once the head was in, he pulled his cock back slightly and then eased forward once again. This time a couple more inches slid in fairly easy before I felt the same resistance. He pulled back and pushed forward again, slowly as before, and I felt the resistance give way. Soon, after repeating this, he was able to slowly slide his entire thick length into my very tight ass. We both moaned softly, as he held his cock very still deep in my ass, allowing both of us to get used to the tight and full feeling. I could tell that he definitely didn’t want to hurt me.

With my history, I was surprised how easily my ass had managed to swallow him whole – it was so tight, I could feel his pulse and mine as they began to beat together. “OK, baby, fuck my ass…I’m ready for you!”

He slowly pulled his cock half way out and then pushed it back in all the way…then pulled back again until all but about two inches were in me and slowly pushed back again…then withdrew all the way back until only his head was left in my tight hole. Then he pushed all the way in, and slowly built up a bit more speed. Naturally, I gasped a little with each of his thrusts, but that kind of added to the excitement and newness of it all.

I definitely felt ‘full’ and had similar sensations as needing to go potty, but surprisingly had no pain or discomfort. After checking with me to ensure all was good, he affectionately rubbed my backside and began to pick up the pace and started genuinely fucking my ass just like in those porn videos! For the first time in my life, the feeling of his very thick cock in my tight hole was incredible, and nothing like I’ve felt before. That very thought alone caused a rush of sexual pleasure to go up and down my spine.


He’s always expressed how tight my pussy felt, a benefit of me never giving birth vaginally, but said this was even more so. He got into a nice rhythm, burying himself balls deep with each stroke while digging his fingers into my hips for leverage. I had my legs spread incredibly wide and my right hand was between my legs rubbing my firm, engorged clit adding to the sensations. My eyes were closed and my mouth open as I spewed out nonstop ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as he steadily fucked my ass.

I felt every ridge, every curve, every loving muscle of his amazing cock, as he slid in and out of my ass. My hard nipples were on fire, and pulsing as he established a nice tender, gentle rhythm. It seemed like only a few minutes before I felt the impending climax come on. My body went rigid as I felt the first wave wash over me, and this spurred on his as well. Between my scream and clenching down on his cock, he began thrusting fast and furious as my orgasm surged thru my body. Then he went deep and still, as his began too. Right at that moment, his balls constricted and a blast of cum shot out of his dick, filling up the dark recesses of my ass with his hot seed for the first time ever. He thrust a few more times, drawing weak cries from me as he completely drained himself into me.

His cum went deep into my ass as my legs shook from the final ripples of my orgasm. When his cock stopped convulsing, he collapsed against me, both of us out of breath. We both went slack and my once-clenched ass relaxed and it took us both a few minutes to regain control of our senses. He softened and very slowly pulled out of me, and as he sat back he watched my well-fucked asshole as it closed back up to normal. As he did, droplets of his creamy load barely made their way out and slid down my crack. He told me later that this was sexier than he could have ever imagined.


We kissed tenderly and cuddled before drifting off to sleep, both of us exhausted from our new exciting exploits. It didn’t take long for me to reach a pleasant decision about anal sex. The careful prep definitely prevented any searing pain that I had anticipated. While not replacing other forms of sex that we both really enjoy, I can definitely see adding more sessions like this to our growing repertoire of possibilities!


A Helping HAND!

Published October 16, 2017 by Krystal Minx

Mr Minx and I have an AWESOME sex life, and it’s a very rare day that we don’t have sex of some kind. On more days than not, we have sex more than once, and honestly this is surprising even to us. We act like newlyweds most of the time, even though we’ve been together for the better part of a decade! We like to mix things up doing various things; I wouldn’t call us “kinky” by the standard definition that most would use, but we definitely maintain a great deal of variety in this regard…we love to experiment with different ways to pleasure each other, in different places, and even occasionally with different partners.

I’m ALWAYS very willing to pleasure Mr Minx with my mouth, and love to swallow every drop of his deliciously creamy, oh-so-sweet tasting cum, and he loves burying his thick cock in my overly snug pussy until he fills me with his cream. But, a special treat for both of us is when I manually stroke him to climax. He loves the amount of friction it provides while he gets to watch, and I enjoy the pleasure it gives him and of course the happy ending!

Almost nightly, while watching TV on our couch, I find myself reaching into his loose pajama bottoms for that special time with my favorite toy. Sometimes this goes further, and sometimes we simply enjoy the sensual bond this gives us. One memorable session when I recently got to pleasure him to completion like this was a few mornings ago, just before I had to leave for work.

I had already gotten ready, finished my chores, and still had a bit of time before I had to leave. I entered our room and, as usual at this time of morning, Mr Minx was still sleeping soundly. I inched closer to him and took a look, as I usually do…I love watching him sleep, and seeing him in that peaceful state always made it difficult to leave him. He was naked, as we both usually sleep like that except for the coldest of nights, and was barely covered from the waist down by the thin flat sheet, his right leg mostly out in the open. Something else caught my eye, which made my entire body tingle almost immediately. He had a nice case of “morning wood” and it looked amazing!

I almost gasped aloud, seeing the thick length pressing against the sheet. His length is only slightly above average at around seven inches, but it’s definitely much thicker than most, over six inches around! As often as I see it, I never get used to the feeling it stirs within me. The only part I could clearly see was his bulbous tip, sticking out from the edge of the sheet, but that was more than enough to make my juices flow. I inched closer and kneeled beside him, and reached out to caress his arm and shoulder, however couldn’t take my eyes off his magnificent cock.

I knew I should probably leave for work, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I placed my hand gently on the tip of his cock and slid the sheet down and away from it, revealing it in its full glory. It looked amazing as I softly gripped it and slowly started to stroke it, going up and down its full length. I heard a soft moan, and gazed up to his face. Had he woken up? It didn’t look like it, as his eyes were still closed – he seemed to only be reacting to my touch. I continued, hoping to give him the best “wake-up call” a guy could have!

My hand-job got faster and more intense. I found myself leaning over his cock more and more as I rubbed it, and really had to resist taking it into my mouth. I was sitting fully on the edge of the bed now, completely bewitched by his member. As I stroked it, I did from time to time lick the tip and let my saliva drip over his shaft and my hand, so as to provide a bit of extra slickness. While stroking with one hand, I moved my other to his balls, scratching with my nails just the way he loves. I couldn’t get enough of his yummy thick cock, and knew he had to wake up soon.

I often play with him in the mornings, especially when I wake before him, and I’m always excited at how hard it gets, even while he’s still sleeping. I wanted to make him cum so I could be off to work, but like me, he usually took a bit of time before he reaches orgasm, and part of the problem now was that he was still mostly asleep. I didn’t necessarily want to wake him up, but by this point, I also wanted to see this through!

By this time, I had unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my front-closure bra, and my tits swung beneath with very erect nipples. They begged for attention, so I brushed them across his stomach, arousing my nipples even more as I continued to stroke him. A sudden yet soft moan startled me, and I looked to see that he was semi-awake now, and enjoying my hospitality. I felt a pleasant, gentle grip on my arm as I increased my speed on his throbbing pole, gripping his cock as hard as I could.

He groaned again, and became extra aroused as I dug my nails deeper into his balls. My other hand continued its assault on his straining member, and I could feel it throbbing more and more. I knew he couldn’t last much longer, and thought he was going to burst at the seams. He started to thrust his hips upward every time I would pull downward on his shaft, down and back up again with each stroke, keeping perfectly in sync with me. His cock was hard and swollen and my grip so incredibly tight and wet that even the slightest motion perpetuated the perfect friction that he loved. My movements became furiously fast and I squeezed him like a vice, squeezing his cock so hard it would have normally hurt, had he not been so aroused and on the edge of climax.


His first shot of cum surprised me as it shot straight up with force until landing squarely back down onto his glistening head and then down onto my fingers. The second and third shots were just as thick as I continued the pace, now angling him downward, aiming toward his belly. His massive load came out in thick white creamy ropes, streaming mostly on his belly as I jerked him off good, his loose balls slapping up against my hand on every down stroke amid the frenzied pace. As I continued to vigorously slide my hand over his sensitive head, his pulse quickened as a torrent of cum splattered all over his body, the sheets, down his pulsating shaft and over his balls. The first wave was followed by a fourth, fifth, and sixth pulse, each one delivering a slightly lower volume of liquid as his balls transitioned from fully loaded to fully depleted. The feeling of his own warm cum on his body, enhanced the pleasure of his last couple of explosions.

He cried out with an extended, “Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh, I’m cooooommmming” as his body convulsed in an earth shattering orgasm. I wanted to make sure I got every last drop of cum from his balls as his orgasm subsided, and his body calmed, with his breathing still heavy. I was in awe at the sight and touched his cum with my fingers and felt the slippery texture – I rubbed it all over his stomach and balls. I finally couldn’t resist and lifted my index finger to my tongue to have just a taste of his sweet nectar.


I am not sure how long all this actually lasted, as time seemed to stand still as we built up to that point. Eventually he opened his eyes, smiled as they slowly come into focus, and then closed again as his erection slowly subsided, still thick in my grip. I sat there for a few more minutes, not saying a word, our hearts beating together, and both our emotions and satisfaction obvious in the comfortable silence.

I REALLY didn’t want to leave for work now!


Fingered While Fingering

Published July 13, 2017 by Krystal Minx

This week’s KOTW topic is special to me, especially in my current condition.  Due to my constant pain, I am on a daily regimen of pain and nerve blockers until my surgery provides more permanent relief.  While these opioids help deaden my senses allowing me to somewhat cope day to day, they also have the unfortunate side effect of deadening my sexual sensations too.

I’m still horny and LOVE having sex several times each day…all kinds…but reaching orgasm while taking these meds has become quite the challenge.  Mr Minx and I can make it happen, individually and together, but it’s not consistent and definitely not easy.  Thinking about sex and orgasms each day now comes with some frustration for me.

My favorite way to cum is to start by getting Mr Minx all worked up as I suck him until he’s nice and rigid, while I feel his sexy stubble and talented tongue between my legs, saturating his face with my musky, salty, wetness.  I love to feel his tongue dance on my clit while his fingers explore all around, until I reach the point I must have him inside me.

As he slides his manhood completely into my swollen pussy with one long thrust, Mr Minx can again feel how very wet I am.  This one long push is unusual for us as I seem to be tighter than most women my age.  With his superior girth, it typically takes some time to work him all the way in, but not when he’s made me this wet.  He drives himself into me and withdraws slowly, thrusting again and again, as I smell my sweet scent all over his face.

His breathing grows heavier, in concert with his increasing pace.  Our hips move in sync, creating waves up through my breasts, until those waves hit their limit and reverse directions again and again.  Soon we are biting each other’s lips and neck, sweating from this most pleasurable of aerobic exercise.  Whispering sexy love notes to each other quickly turns into loud exclamations of pure pleasure and passion, and no longer having any concern for the open window to our many neighbors.  Above me, he throws his head back…grits his teeth…buries his entire abundant length with that one final thrust and I dig my nails into his ass.  I feel him bottom out on my cervix…he arches his back, presenting that glorious sexy chest before my eyes, and fills me with pulse after pulse of creamy goodness as I feel his entire body convulsing to my core.  Words are no longer, only moans and grunts of delight.

After his orgasm subsides, he rolls off gently and nestles under my right arm as my well-lubricated canal attempts to recover from his assault.  While he languishes in that post orgasmic, blissful state, I remain consumed by the effects his magical tongue, mystical fingers, and talented cock have on me, and I am sufficiently primed.  In addition to my own gushing juices, his creamy load commingles, resulting in the best lube on earth.  My heart rate is still elevated and I dip my finger into my now tender succulent folds.

My touch is very light at first, easing into the sweet spot…almost a tickle, but just enough not to be.  Dripping wet, I briefly slide my finger inside again to draw out our magical mixture up to my erect clit, straining now for more attention.  My finger traces a few light circles around my taught bud as Mr Minx begins to stir from my activity.  He knows what I like and while still half-comatose, he reaches with both hands for my body.

His left hand finds my nipples, alternating between them until settling on my left, which is a direct conduit to my inner loins.  I don’t know why, but my nipples have always enhanced the feelings in my pussy, and as I near climax the more they are twisted, tugged, and cranked on, the greater the intensity of my orgasm.  Right before the magical moment, I sometimes derive pleasure from some good old-fashioned biting…mmm.

As he works my nipple hard, his spare hand found its way down to my other magical areas.  Avoiding my finger working my clit, he immediately found my slippery essence leaving a trail to the sheets below me.  I turned my head toward him, to kiss him deeply, as these sensations overwhelm my whole body, once again savoring my taste on his lips.

With my essence in hand (literally) he slid his thick fingers inside, stroking the roof of my pussy.  Automatically, this triggered an increased speed of my fingers and the combination of our actions ramped everything up to a whole new level.  As my head tipped back and louder moans escaped my lips, he took another finger lower…further…to press against my ass.

This full on barrage of sensations to my many erogenous zones was enough to make any woman scream, and thankfully override the dulling sensation that these horrid, yet necessary, drugs apply to my brain.  As he worked my tits, his magic hands worked their enchantment on my pussy and ass, and I frantically rubbed my button, working toward that final sprint closer and closer to the release that I needed so desperately by now.

His thumb was completely enveloped by my cunt and his middle finger slipped easily in and out of my ass as I felt those welcomed tingles build to the point of no return.  Our combined juices were now flowing full force from me, providing a slickness unavailable with any commercial product.  He talks dirty to me as his fingers never stop and mine increase their speed.

Although flat on my back, I began thrusting my hips upward toward an imaginary phallus, arching my back and thrusting into our fingers as much as I could.  He reads me well, and goes even deeper with both fingers all the time never forgetting to keep pinching and twisting my nipples as hard as he can.  I scream as my fingers add to the symphony of sensations, reaching their height, pulling me over the top for that release I could no longer do without.

The massive build up of waves crash over me vigorously, again and again, as all our fingers continue their rapid pace on my hypersensitive parts.  As my convulsions subside, so does the fingering.  My hand falls by my side and his slips softly out, his other hand now gently caresses my breasts.  Lying motionless, our souls connected as one, heartbeats are the only sound to be heard.

His fingers and mine are magical of their own accord, and together they can overcome the utmost of hurdles.  This continues to be my favorite way to cum.




Published December 5, 2016 by Krystal Minx
December is now upon us so it’s time for me to make the switch from online shopping to actually setting foot in some stores.  I don’t look forward to crowds of crazy shoppers, so I stick to a select few of favorite stores.  Inevitably, since I have made the trip already, I do find myself wandering through a couple extra stores, hoping to come across something unexpected.  This year is a little different.
I really only “make a day of it” shopping, this one time of year, so I also take the opportunity to touch/feel/try the things that catch my eye, for myself too.  Online browsing is nice and convenient, but nothing compares to picking up an item in your own two hands to make a determination of quality and value before purchasing.
As I enter one of those unplanned shops, something feels unlike the rest.  I seem to know that I won’t find any gifts here, but I am drawn to stay.  I do see some clothing items that catch my eye, and I gather several pieces as I make my way through rack after rack, ending up in line at the fitting rooms.  This is when the feeling of déjà vu begins to hit me.  Something feels so familiar and begins to stir within me as I get closer to entering the room.  When I am at the front of the line, I have to wait a bit longer, and during those moments the light bulb goes off in my head…I have not only been here, but there is a memory here that I had forgotten…a glorious one.
Years ago I had been holiday shopping with my girlfriend (turned love interest), Willow.  I don’t usually share a dressing room when trying on clothes, but that time was different.  We each had a couple items in our hands, and she suggested we share a room.  I quickly agreed.  Already thinking about watching her change, I was anxiously anticipating a couple kisses.


I’d never made out in a dressing room before, but that was about to change.   These rooms were actual rooms with walls that were floor to ceiling, will full length doors…very private.  As we each tried on a couple shirts, we could still hear the chatter of the other customers nearby.  We took advantage of our private surroundings and exchanged some sensual kisses.  I could feel the heat within me begin to rise.  It felt so naughty to be half naked and making out as people were waiting for a free dressing room.  This only made it hotter.
We thought it may be best to leave soon, so she proceeded to try on the pants and skirt she picked out.  No sooner did she remove her pants, I pushed her against the wall behind her with my bare breasts and a kiss, reaching below to scoot down her panties.  Sliding a finger to her slit, I immediately felt her wetness, just waiting for me. The more she moaned (as silently as she could) I probed her pussy with my fingers, kissed her deeply, and pressed my boobs against hers.  She returned my touches, unzipped my pants, and reached for my own moistness.  The more I felt her fingers; I was dripping in no time.  Willow and I could barely contain our passion for one another.  Before I knew it, she dropped to her knees, suckling my tits on the way down.  Her tongue found my clit immediately, and I parted my legs slightly to give her easier access.  I was breathing so heavily, it was not easy to keep quiet.  I was so horny, I almost forgot about our surroundings completely.  I had to have her, so I sat her on the bench where I could find my place between her legs and lick her sweet juices.  We knew others were waiting for our room, but it seemed to drive us to go for what we wanted, without hesitation.
Ultimately I rose to the bench, beside her for more boob play, and to share her own nectar that still glossed my lips.  What a juicy kiss that was!  A perfect way to wrap up our short, yet ever so taboo session.   Glowing from the passion that was seeping from our very pores, we dressed, reviewed each other for presentable appearance, and gathered our things as we exited.  We then waited in the checkout line, as we exchanged loving smiles, continuing to bask in the residual heat from our mini escapade.

Lesbians kiss. Iridescent silhouettes of two women kissing each other.

As this wonderful memory hit me, I was caught off guard feeling those oh so pleasant tingles of pleasure run through my body…and only from the memory.  On this day, as I entered the dressing room I was alone, and feeling so wonderful.  I enjoyed recalling that passionate time with my previous lover.   I was glad that memory came back, and looked forward to returning home where I could share all the details with Mr. Minx.  I knew how much he would enjoy hearing about this occurrence from my past, as I whispered the erotic details into his ear.  I can’t wait for tonight, to feel him throbbing and plunging inside me, deeper and more intensely, with each detail.  He will love it…and so will I…but that is a story for another time.

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Yes, I would….

Published November 23, 2016 by Krystal Minx

People watching…I love to people watch.  For me, a trip to the local shopping mall is usually out of necessity, as opposed to pleasure or fun.  The icing on the cake of those trips is always the massive opportunity to people watch.

In addition to having almost everything in common, my hubby and I also share in the fascination of people watching.  It is never to judge, but rather to analyze and identify the wonder of our fellow humans.  No matter, old/young, black/white/brown, short/tall, men/women…they ALL catch our interest and spur discussion.  We enjoy comparing observations, ranging from behaviors, dress, smile, mannerisms, grooming level, how they interact with family/friends/strangers, and of course, their attractiveness to each of us.

legsshoes  hair  laugh

One side benefit of my bisexuality is that I get to share my admiration of beautiful women with him.  I don’t have to deal with jealousy when he looks at other women, because I am looking just as much, and we get to SHARE our love of the female form in all its glory!  When we happen across an exceptionally attractive woman, we compare notes on what we like about her.  Is her manner of dress sexy or casual?  Are her nails meticulously groomed and polished?  Is her smile warm and genuine?  Is she treating others with kindness? Are her shoes for comfort or to make a statement?  Is her hair cared for and styled?  Does she seem to have a bright personality? …and the list goes on.

katboobs  bloom

If a woman has captured our attention so much so that we find ourselves in a highly spirited comparing of notes, there is one way my hubby brings our banter home…with a simple, yet direct question, “Would you do her?”  This always elicits a playful smile from me and, after a pause, an equally honest answer.  We both have what we consider pretty high standards (which is why we chose each other, of course) so, even though our discussion is all hypothetical, the answer to this question still means a lot to us both!

bwbeauty  sharburg  eyes

Recently, when admiring a gorgeous woman, I found myself going on and on about all the reasons I found her particularly attractive.   I could see him postulating and about to speak, so I beat him to the punch and said, “…and before you even say it, Yes, I would do her!”  The biggest smile spread across his face  🙂 …and mine   🙂


My First Pegging!

Published October 31, 2016 by Krystal Minx

My hubby and I almost always have sex during my cycle, as neither of us want to wait, or see a reason to. I playfully refer to this time-of-the-month as “Blow Job Week” as I really love sucking his cock, but on this particular night I was exceptionally frisky and looking to try something new.  He always says he’s up for ‘anything,’ so I wanted to put that to the test!   I got everything staged and ready.

When we climbed into bed ready to sleep (or so he thought, wink wink), I snuggled up close and started kissing him.   Slowly, tenderly, lovingly, just the way we both love – I was so enjoying tasting him.

With my cycle in full swing, and no thick towel in sight, he probably assumed this was going to be some wonderful teasing followed by a full-on, suck-his-balls-dry blowjob.  Little did he know that I wanted to fuck him…to have sex with him somehow…but something deliciously different than simply having him inside my crimson tunnel.  I wanted to be inside him!

We both enjoy anal teasing to enhance our regular sex play, and my hubby is always very open-minded when it comes to sexual exploration!  And tonight, I needed to fuck his ass!  This was going to be a light session…no gags…no restraints…just your basic strap-on ass pegging.   When his hips began rocking and he was clearly getting aroused from our kissing, I breathed into his ear, “I want to fuck your ass tonight.”

He didn’t need to hear anything else, and the look I saw when our eyes locked said it all.   After a moment he began rolling over, assuming I wanted him doggy style.

I stopped him. “Stay on your back,” I whispered, “I want to look at you while I make love to you.”  He was very aroused now as he intently watched me stand and don my harness.  He bought this for me to use with our lady friends, and probably never expected this turn of events.  I attached the smallest of all the dildos, a comfortable, flexible, and slender black one.   I propped his lower back up with some nice comfy pillows, poured copious amounts of lube all over my shiny ‘cock’ and his tight ass, and positioned the tip against his pink pucker.  When I confirmed he was still OK, I slid it in, slowly and carefully.

My extra care quickly became unnecessary.  The strap-on is not very large and after several long strokes, I had it buried to the hilt.  In no time, he took it all and was moaning like a total man-slut.   Once we got into a rhythm, I stroked his cock as I fucked him with mine, and he was hard as stone!  With my other hand, I alternated teasing his nipples and scratching his tight ball sack, both of which drive him absolutely to the edge!  He lifted his legs up even higher, giving me an amazing view as I gently fucked his tight little asshole.

It was really hot – his animalistic moans of pleasure, his hard cock throbbing in my hand, and my glistening dildo penetrating him with ease…sometimes slowly, sometimes faster.   I edged him to the brink of orgasm a few times, but didn’t let him come…not yet.


I was getting equally aroused, feeling my clit swell along with those familiar tingles that signal my juices are now gushing.  I moved my right hand underneath my harness and quickly found my hard little button.  Slowly rubbing myself added to the wonderful pressure I already felt every time I pushed into him, in perfect synchronization with each of his soft rhythmic grunts.

From beginning to end, we stared into each other’s eyes, allowing our deep loving bond to engulf us, as we shared this new experience.  He saw the pleasure in my face as I massaged my pussy underneath the harness, and I saw the same in his as I stroked him inside and out.  These looks we exchange are never forgotten, as they inextricably connect us in the most intimate and amazing way.

I came first, screaming loudly as I usually do, almost violently, and I kept fucking him.  Returning my now-soaked hand to his super sensitive nipples and smearing my juices all over them, I wildly jerked his cock with zero abandon.  He was writhing with pleasure, and we both knew it wouldn’t be long, as he was already on the edge during my climax.

With a guttural cry, cum spurted out of his cock and covered his stomach in thick white ropes.  I kept fucking and stroking him through his entire orgasm, feeling him pulse inside and out.

Whew… now completely drained, we are spent, relaxed, grateful, and glowing.  Softly holding his slowly retreating cock, I gently remove the slick dildo.  The remainder of his creamy load still oozing, I can’t help but admire his glistening cock.  I simply can’t resist, so I wrap my lips around his head for a taste of his delicious cum.  He always seems to taste even sweeter than the last time.


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